ADVER Magnetic Inductive FlowmeterMIS

Our Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter MIS offers many advantage

• Coloured, multiline, high-resolution TFT- • Electronically rotatable display • Dosing function included

• 2 x arbitrary configurable outputs Martindale’s catalogue M

artindale’s latest catalogue includes many new products and useful guides to finding the best tools and accessories for electrical s certifying installations. It’s the

electricians and maintenance personnel working on electrical equipment and installations with simple solutions to stay safe and work smarter.

Containing more information than ever before, the new catalogue is organised into 12 comprehensive categories and includes a wealth of essential information on safe isolation and useful selection tables for a wide range of test tools, making it easy to identify the best product for

mental test equipment and acc Featuring nearly 300 items the job.

of electrical and environ- essories, the latest

catalogue includes 24 extra pages of over 35 brand new products offering great value and complete solutions to many applications, from safe isolation through voltage and magnetic field detection to PAT testing.

Martindale ElectricMartindale Electric  01923 441 717 Aquame uameter L Han® Configurator: Newfeatures simplify

series-produced industrial interfaces by using the Han® Configurator, the HARTING online tool for designing connectors. Cable entries can be modified and identifying letterings can be applied to hoods and housings.


Users can use the Han® Configurator’s new feature to design the position and number of cable entries in line with their own requirements. Even lettering applied to the housing surface can be customised. The Configurator ensures that the interface design meets the respective technical requirements

and that the components used are compatible with each other.

As soon as the configuration is completed, a digital record of the solution is ready for download and CAD data and dimensional drawings for the individual part are directly accessible. The online tool helps accelerate design both for the user and for HARTING, meaning new connectors can be manufactured and delivered faster. “The customising feature in the Han® Configurator means we’re once again expanding the scope for tailor-made products based on the Han® portfolio. Users can use the tool to customise connector components, which allows them to find the optimal connector solution. The tool reduces the effort required to adapt to specific requirements and shortens the path from the drawing board to production,” says Timo Poggemöller, Team Leader Digital Product Service at HARTING Electric. Features/customer benefits:

• Optimal solutions in combination with Han-Modular®;

• short delivery times for interfaces thanks to fully automated production of the individual connector configuration;

• efficient collaboration via the myHARTING Dashboard with save/sharing capabilities;

• high flexibility in the design process is now expanded to include individual placement of cable exits and laser labelling done directly in the Configurator, meaning no more annoying adhesive labels to stick on; • direct 3D download option for the interface’s data package.



or the first time ever, users customised adjustments to

the housings of can now make

Non-Contact Speed and LengthMeasurement

he new, smart and uniquely compact Laser Doppler Speed and Length Sensor - SL and SLR that sets new standards in non-contact speed and length measurement of moving objects and materials in industrial applications. Designed to replace cumbersome, inaccurate and high-wear contact wheel encoders that are prone to excessive measurement errors due to slippage, vibration, wear and dirt, resulting in product give-away and quality issues. The non-contact laser technology provides an industry leading accuracy of +/- 0.05% without need to ever re-calibrate due to wear. The internal measurement rate is 200kHz with one measurement output every 20 microseconds. Communication is via Ethernet, RS-232, Wifi or bus options. Plus a complete range of installation accessories including anti-vibration mounts, display units,


temperature and dust control. Full technical support on the sensor and laser safety is available from TTS Systems. So, if you have a speed or length measurement application contact us - 01233 624422 or sales@tts-

Totall Tension Solutions L  01233 624422 PROCESS & C NTRS & CONTROL | MARCH 2020MARCH 2020 35 35 Tension Solutions Ltd fymodifications r Ltd

essential reference for all afety, fault finding and

• 4 optical touch sensors usable with hand gloves Worldwide 1st flowmeter with IO-Link for flanged versions

Kobo d boldl  01623 427701 

Abacus coldmains watermeter type E scaled 0-999 litres or 0-99.9 litres


dding a preset quantity of water to a mix has long been carried out using pails or hosepipes. Not very accurate and certainly not consistent.

Now, Hertfordshire company Aqumeter has developed the ABACUS digital water measuring system for dispensing

accurate preset quantities of water straight into mixing vessels, tanks, etc. Easy to install and simple to use, the ABACUS delivers Thousands of

where water is added to powders or

granules for mixing purposes. Just dial in the batch amount required and press the start button. The unit stops the flow of water when the required quantity has been delivered...... easy!

 01992 442 861  www.aquameter.

units have been sold worldwide to a whole repeatable results day in, day out, reliably

variety of industries and consistently.




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