Electronic packaging solutions for rail traffic systems available now from Foremost The online source for all electronics enclosures...

information on platforms and in stations. Sub-racks and 19” chassis – Shock and vibration-resistant rail- certified solutions, shielded and optimally climate-controlled. Modular sub-rack systems with flexible dimensions and complete chassis for universal applications. Embedded systems – Leading solutions conforming to the latest standards comprised of sub-racks or cases with integrated backplanes, power supplies and cooling. Mechanics and electronics from a single supplier are perfectly matched to one another. Front panels, plug-in units, shielded

or unshielded, custom modified or screen printed on request with handles available in multiple finishes. Easily and conveniently specified via the Internet with rapid delivery service for individual versions. Power supply units and intelligent battery-charging systems in 19’’ or open-frame versions for instrumentation and control equipment, communications devices, etc., meeting all European railway voltage ranges. Backplanes are available for a wide


nclosures4U, the online source for standard and custom enclosures for

electronic, communication, control and electrical system builders, is now the UK source for the nvent Schroff range of electronic packaging solutions for rail traffic systems. Decades of experience and

comprehensive applications knowledge in rail systems enable Schroff to offer complete solutions that can be implemented globally and which have been developed to meet railway specific requirements. Schroff’s railway enclosures meet all of the strict safety requirements of railway applications, including international certification.

RAILWAY ENCLOSURE PRODUCTS nvent Schroff offers a wide range of railway enclosure products featuring a high degree of flexibility. Applications include installation on rail vehicles, in buildings and trackside. Schroff’s modular platform concept enables products to be quickly and easily adapted to meet individual customer requirements. Their flexibility is evident in two areas: their high level of technical functionality and their ergonomic appearance. With engineering and manufacturing


in a single facility, customers can be confident of efficient implementation of orders and fast delivery. Schroff’s project engineers have invaluable experience of railway specific requirements and their global resources can provide customer support wherever it is required for the entire life of a product.

RAILWAY SPECIFIC ENCLOSURE TYPES INCLUDE... Wall-mounted enclosures – Composite cases for highly corrosive environments, dustproof and waterproof for use on platforms, in tunnels, on rail vehicles, in stations or in the maintenance shop. Indoor cabinets –

The nvent Schroff range of electronic packaging solutions for rail traffic systems are now available from enclosures4U

“nvent Schroff offers a

wide range of railway enclosure products

electronics cabinets for traffic guidance systems and control computers. Shock and vibration resistant cabinets for mobile applications on board vehicles. Data and network cabinets for data centres and control rooms. Outdoor cabinets – Robust, climate-

featuring a high degree of flexibility. Applications include installation on rail vehicles, in buildings and trackside”

range of standard bus types including VME, VME64x, VXS, VPX, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Plus and MicroTCA, with custom solutions available on request. All feature SMD components for shock and vibration resistance and conformal coating to provide protection from environmental conditions. A wide range of cooling solutions are also available: Passive meander systems for maintenance-free and energy-efficient heat removal; LHX heat exchanger providing energy-optimised cooling of up to 40kW per cabinet; Fan trays and air conditioners for direct heat extraction. A Foremost Electronics

company, enclosures4U offers its customers all the financial stability, experience and

customer service of the long established Essex based specialist distributor of electromechanical components, and builds on its existing strong relationship with nvent Schroff.

controlled outdoor cabinets for use trackside or on platforms. Modular, maintenance-friendly outdoor cabinets for wall, mast and ground mounting. Information panels for passenger

enclosures4U T: 01371 811171


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