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Pryor to showcase solutions

for identifying and traceability at Advanced Engineering 2018 - Stand CM36


orld leading marking, identification and traceability specialist Pryor Marking Technology will be

showcasing its comprehensive range of solutions for identification and traceability at Advanced Engineering 2018 – Stand CM36, Connected Manufacturing zone. At this year’s Advanced Engineering exhibition, visitors

will have the opportunity to experience first-hand Pryor’s extensive range of industrial marking, identification and traceability equipment and software. On show will be Pryor’s laser marking machine, this

incorporates high speed, on-the-fly laser marking and vision control, while producing a clean, smooth finish. This enables permanent laser marking and verification of components on high speed conveyors, in as little as 0.5 seconds. Visitors to the stand can see the on-the-fly laser marking in action and will receive a personalised pen to take away with them. This year’s Advanced Engineering takes place on 31

October - 1 November at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK. Visitors to the show will find Pryor at StandCM36.

Pryor Marking Technology  0114 276 6044 

INOXLINE 17B - Eisele developed the successful INOXLINE stainless steel push-in fittings a step further. Optimisation of the sealing system eliminates gaps or grooves in the tube. With the advanced development of the 17B series, which have been presented on the Achema 2018 for the first time, Eisele has further optimized the sealing system of the successful INOXLINE push-in fittings. In the new design, the O-ring is installed in front of the collet. This improves the tightness of the connection and eliminates gaps in the tube at the sealing point. In combination with FDA-compliant Viton seals, the 17B series is recommended for diverse applications in processing and packaging technology, as well as food and pharmaceutical production.

Eisele_Inoxline _17B.jpg: With the advanced development of the 17B series, Eisele has improved the sealing system of the successful INOXLINE push- in fitting – absolutely no grooves or gaps occur on the tube

In addition to the high tightness in pressure and vacuum applications, INOXLINE push-in fittings made of

1.4301/1.3207 stainless steel offer an easy-to-clean design and outstanding resistance to corrosion. This selection of material also guarantees that the transported operating media can never be contaminated by material components or particles.

Time-proven seal technology The special sealing technology of the 17A series with two FKM (Viton) seals in the collet can withstand both internal gas pressures of up to 24 bar and a vacuum pressure as low as -0.95 bar. Depending on the media and connection sizes, pressures of up to 100 bar are also possible with liquids. Many push-in fittings in the market are designed for high pressures, but that does not automatically make them suitable for vacuum applications. The release sleeves of push-in fittings with an inner collet enable quick assembly and disassembly of the tube. The second seal in the connections not only enables use under higher pressures, but also offers additional safety to prevent dirt from penetrating the system.

Eisele  +49 (0)7151 1719-0 

Preconfigured cabinets in edge data centres T

he case for preconfigured cabinets in edge data centres is a strong one. Cabinets that come pre-fitted

with connectivity infrastructure, power distribution, cable management and raceway, cooling, fire suppression and rack monitoring functionality - all based on the client's specific IT needs - enable organizations to deploy services rapidly, using a single physical infrastructure platform. This incorporates multiple services, without having to consider interoperability, working with multiple vendors and managing concurrent installation works, often in sensitive environments.

From a financial perspective, preconfigured cabinets offer a number of compelling benefits: When designed and deployed correctly, the cabinets and physical infrastructure within are far less obtrusive to the building. If leased, this leads to significant cost savings both at the beginning and end of a lease period. A modular approach at all levels within preconfigured cabinets means that they are assets which can easily be redeployed as needed, increasing the potential ROI. Preconfigured cabinets should be available to suit the

different environments in which edge computing is a requirement; office spaces where the solution must be


aesthetically aligned with the room, manufacturing facilities where the cabinets must protect IT assets from particles, contaminants and fluctuating power quality and outdoors where protection from the elements and unwanted human interference is needed. This scope is likely to increase as IoT and technologies like 5G open up opportunities for new applications that require local compute capabilities.

Reichle & De-Massari UK Ltd  0203 693 7595 


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