ADVERTORIAL TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Deublin Launches New Modular Electrical Slip Ring

New Sub-miniature Shotbolt is Just 7mm in Diameter


agnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid subassemblies, has

announced a new tiny electromagnetically-actuated shotbolt lock with enclosure dimensions of 7mm in diameter and less than 21mm in length. This is the company’s smallest solenoid-based electric locking component to date. With its sub-miniature dimensions, the new G-HU-Z-007 shotbolt is ideal for a range of interlocking and electric lock applications including those in precision equipment and apparatus. An early customer installation uses several of the new shotbolts to provide security for individual drawers in a retail pharmacy storage system. The drawer locks are actuated remotely by a control system to prevent unauthorised access. The G-HU-Z-007 is a ‘pull type’ shotbolt, where the de-

energised state is locked. Solenoid actuation retracts the 2.5mm diameter bolt against an integral return spring. The unit is robustly constructed from stainless steel with high service-life and maintenance-free bearings. Mounting in a panel or fitting is by a central M6 thread.

Magnet Schultz Ltd  01483 794700 

Deublin® launches a new family of configurable electrical slip rings for the packaging and automation industry Deublin®, a leading manufacturer of electrical slip rings, has launched the new SRC and SRD electrical slip ring families for use in packaging machines common in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other consumable goods industries. The new SRC and SRD model slip rings offer a broad range of options to meet the needs of today’s packaging machine builders and operators. These new products are based on a modular, configurable design with up to 40 electrical channels that can operate at speeds up to 250 rpm, allowing for rapid product selection and shorter overall lead times.

SRC and SRD Slip Rings Solve Today’s Challenges Modern packaging processes demand more from the machines in terms of capability and productivity. These increased demands require more data and for that data to be transmitted, reliably, to and from the machines at faster and faster speeds (up to 100 Mbps).

Deublin  01264 333355 

new departure for ifm into output devices, introducing innovation to the product as a matter of course, as well as very competitive pricing.

See the light! L

The sleek DV light towers from ifm electronic are supplied in one unit designed for easy installation, no assembly required. All colour combinations and sequences are programmed remotely, so fully flexible control of all signals can be provided via the PLC if needed.

There are

three light modes, whereby firstly any one of the five segments is switched on or off, secondly the colour of each segment selected and/or flashed, or lastly an analogue mode of moving light. A loud acoustic signal with seven settings is also available as an option.

ifm  020 8213 0000

METCASE Launches New 19” Rack Enclosures T

ifm electronic launches versatile signal tower

eading automation specialist ifm electronic now offers a landmark new product in the truest sense. Their new DV range of light towers signal a

METCASE has created a new 19” mini-rack version of its advanced TECHNOMET table-top instrument enclosures

he new TECHNOMET cases are designed for mounting standard 19” subracks, chassis and front panels. Applications will include test and measurement equipment, sound and studio systems and laboratory instruments. These elegant and ultra-modern enclosures have a flush-fitting cohesive design with no visible fixing screws. Standard 19” panel mounts with caged nut apertures for fixing the equipment are included in the front and rear bezels. There are three standard case sizes: 3U, 4U and 6U, all with a depth of 400 mm. Custom depths can be supplied on request. The rear and base panels are ventilated to aid cooling. Inside there are two

subrack/chassis support rails. All case panels include earth connections. ABS side handles are recessed for easy portability. Non-slip feet are also included.

METCASE Enclosures

METCASE can supply TECHNOMET 19” enclosures fully customised.  01489 583858

New sales manager joins Stäubli Electrical Connectors M

ark Atkinson has been appointed the new UK sales manager for Stäubli Electrical Connectors. He joins the Milton Keynes based company having

over 20 years' technical sales experience with market leading companies. With 12 years spent in the interconnect industry, he has worked in a variety

of roles ranging from business development to management positions. "I am very much looking forward to being part of the Stäubli UK team to

help develop the business further," said Atkinson. "We are delighted to have Mark on board. He will be a great asset to the

team and his experience will significantly reinforce our presence in the UK," added UK managing director Selwyn Corns. Stäubli Electrical Connectors is a specialist in advanced contact technology,

with connectors ranging from miniature to high power. In photovoltaics, it is a global market leader with its MC4 connector components.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors Ltd  01908 265544 


Reliable long-term monitoring of gas turbines up to 700°C

istler has added the world’s first high temperature accelerometer to its pressure sensor for the monitoring

of gas turbines. Both the new accelerometers and pressure sensors are designed for long-term use at up to 700°C and are certified in accordance with the European ATEX guide lines for explosion prevention (Ex-nA and Ex-ia). The piezoelectric accelerometer is not pyroelectric and does not show any moisture-induced stress (popcorn effect) offering manufacturers and operators of gas turbines new options for monitoring the combustion stability. The efficient and secure operation of gas turbines relies

upon stable combustion processes. These have to comply with increasingly strict regulations, including flexible operation on different fuels and minimal emissions. At the same time, there is an associated risk of unstable combustion processes and pressure pulsations. Reliable and continuous monitoring systems are required to monitor and control these combustion processes.

Kistler  01256 741550 


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