Smiths Interconnect introduces new wideband surface mount fixed attenuators S

miths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products announced the release of its TT9

SMT series, a new DC – 20 GHz wideband surface-mount fixed attenuator Series optimized to provide performance and power to applications in the defence market. Utilizing more than 40 years of experience in refining attenuation solutions for

IO-Link for CA18CA and CA30CA Capacitive Proximity Sensors

integrated IO-Link communication, placing Carlo Gavazzi right at the heart of Industry 4.0. IO-Link increases the usefulness of traditional sensors by


adding functionality, programmability, and customisation and offers over half a million combination settings. Allowing real-time data to be acted upon instantly, enhancing your factory automation by giving you the control, you require; as well as reduced stock inventory. The CA sensor family come packaged in our 4th

Generation TRIPLESHIELDTM robust housing, which offers superior specifications regarding vibration resistance, surge voltages, shock handling, drop, electrostatic discharges, immunity to magnetic and RF electromagnetic field disturbances, in addition to being EcolabTM certified.

Carlo Gavazzi  01276 854110 


arlo Gavazzi have launched their CA18CA and CA30CA TRIPLESHIELDTM capacitive sensor range complete with

defence, the TT9 offers a power handling capability of 500 mW while maintaining excellent impedance matching in an SMT package. The TT9 offers outstanding performance for high frequency applications, both fixed and temperature variable designs in the same footprint and is ideal for the exacting needs of the defence market, specifically for radar, communication and electronic warfare applications. “Our TT9 SMT attenuators push the boundaries of power handling and RF performance to meet the stringent

needs of the most demanding applications”, says Paul Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing. “They are developed to meet the ever growing demand of higher power while ensuring a lower lifecycle cost and excellent signal integrity.”

Smiths Interconnect  +39 010 60361 

‘Track and Trace’ service app launched to support customers’ operations A

‘Track and Trace’ service app that keeps tabs on orders, from just before shipping through to delivery, has been launched by Sandvik. The app is a useful

tool for the customer to free up time in their day-to-day purchasing operations. The ‘Track and Trace’ service app (available for download on iPhone and Android) was developed by Sandvik to enable customers to keep track of their

orders: from the distribution centers in Sandviken, Sweden, and Venlo in the Netherlands, right through to the final destination. The app provides information about calculated shipping routes, estimated time of arrival, number of packages and weight of delivery. A premium account offering a range of extra services is available. It includes an automatic order subscription connected to the customer number within the feed and can just be added to start the tracking. Also featured are additional shipping documents and a notification function.


New Spot Size Calculator App


luke Process Instruments has released the new Spot Size Calculator app for

Android and iOS mobile devices, for desktop computers running Windows 10, and as an online app for use with all common internet browsers.

It integrates all Fluke Process Instrumentsinfrared spot sensors and thermal imagers as well as legacy Raytek

and Ircon devices. Users simply select a product and enter the mounting distance. The app then calculates the spot diameter or camera field of view. This will help customers find the right spot pyrometer for their installation environment – the measured object must be larger than the spot size to prevent measuring errors. In addition, the app will help customers optimally set up thermal cameras so they focus all areas of interest. The

app supports English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Fluke Process Instruments

Manufactured in corrosion resistant aluminium alloy with stainless steel screws, and an impact resistance of up to 7 joules (IEC 60079-0:2004), these cases are suitable for safely enclosing electronic components, PCBs or e-mech components such as relays and switches. The 68 series come in 6 sizes and can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 C to +200 C in areas that are generally considered too harsh for other enclosure materials. Holes and slots can be machined to your exact specification

and customised with legends and your company logo. Our experienced sales team will search for the size and

type of enclosure you need. For immediate online assistance click the ‘online chat’ icon or email

Evatron  01908 325100 38 OCTOBER 2018 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS 

IP68 Die Cast from Evatron H

igh impact IP68 die cast enclosures are available in Natural Aluminium as well as powder coated Silver Grey and Black.

Moog Launches New Version of the D680

Series Proportional Valve M

With a Direct Drive Closed-Loop Pilot Valve for High Dynamics, Repeatability and a Long Service Life

oog’s D680 Series Proportional Valves are throttle valves for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5- way applications, suitable

for electrohydraulic position, velocity, flow and force control in hydraulic systems. The D680 product range has integrated electronics, and is suitable for applications with high dynamic response requirements. The newly launched version in this series is a two-stage valve with a closed loop controlled D633 Direct Drive Servo Valve as the pilot stage. This latest version of the product provides increased dynamics, repeatability and is more robust than the existing version, making it suitable for use in even the most demanding environments. The D633 Direct Drive Servo Valve pilot stage with

open loop control has been available for many years. Moog developed the new version in conjunction with machine builders in the plastics metal forming, presses and steel production sectors, better to meet the needs of these applications.

Moog  01684 296600 


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