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By 2025, the UK will need 1.8 million new engineers and technicians. The industry is, however, still dominated by men, and it is essential that more female engineers are recruited in order to fill these roles. Renishaw is therefore taking a proactive role in promoting careers in engineering by running work experience schemes each year for students in years 10 to 13. “Women make up just 12.3% of all engineers

in the UK, and only one in five jobs are held by women in the wider engineering sector,” explained Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). To help encourage young people to consider a

career in engineering, Renishaw’s work experience gives young people the chance to work alongside students from other schools and inspires them by showing first-hand what it’s like to work for a leading engineering company. The scheme combats stereotypes and misunderstandings by including talks from engineers, and tours of Renishaw’s facilities and workshops. By engaging students in the realities of engineering

and presenting them with strong female role models, work experience can remove any uncertainties that may prevent girls from choosing the profession, the company explained. Evie Ford, a year 10 student, took part in

Renishaw’s 2019 work experience scheme. She said: “At first, I wasn’t sure about a career in engineering, but I started reading up about it and I decided to apply for work experience at Renishaw because I found it really interesting. For me, Renishaw’s work experience was invaluable as I learned a lot about the company, the products it makes and how they are tested. The week involved lots of talks from engineers and practical activities that helped me understand engineering a lot better. I now know that I want to go into engineering as a career.” Renishaw’s work experience involves students

creating their own engineering projects in groups and presenting them on the final day. “On the first day we were given a task and we

allocated roles in our group,” continued Ford. “These included a person that would design the


Rockwell Automation has signed an agreement to acquire privately held Avnet Data Security, an Israeli-based cybersecurity provider. Avnet offers a full set of IT/OT cyber services and solutions ranging from assessments, penetration testing, network & security solutions, and training to converged IT/OT managed services. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing parts

of Rockwell Automation’s services business. As the manufacturing industry has evolved and become more connected than ever before, legacy physical security strategies are no longer enough to protect production operations. To help its customers develop, maintain and evolve proactive cybersecurity strategies, the company provides a comprehensive set of services and solutions. The Avnet team will support Rockwell Automation’s strategic objective to achieve double digit growth in Information Solutions and Connected Services by expanding its IT/OT cyber and network expertise globally.

A new year, a new decade, and once again the skills shortage issue is making headlines. With a huge number of

engineers and technicians needed within the next five years, how do we go about encouraging young people to think about a career in engineering. And once pupils have an interest, how do we ensure this continues throughout the years? It does, however, seem that some children take

an interest in STEM from an early age. So, with encouragement and education, let’s hope the next generation start to see engineering as the exciting career that it can be, and then we can start to fill the skills gaps.

Rachael Morling - Editor 4 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2020 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS

project, another that would market it and one that managed the overall task. While working on the project we had to consider the cost of using additive manufacturing to build it, how to make the product appealing to customers, and meeting the deadline we were given. Everyone contributed equally in our group and it was really intriguing to see how we could use the technology for different parts of the project, such as the design.” Renishaw is committed to education

outreach and encouraging more girls to enter engineering by running an extensive education outreach programme. weeks--42171


Dana SAC UK has supplied the National Fluid Power Centre with 16 new Brevini Motion Systems orbital motors to support specialist training and development for engineers across the UK. The National Fluid Power Centre offers a world-class training solution for integrated fluid power systems and controls and takes a lead in the UK as a BFPA Certified CETOP Education Centre. The company supplied the new BG E 50cc/rev orbital

motors to complement other fluid power products – including winches and control valves – to assist with the Stage Two Hydraulics Offshore and Winches courses. Martin Terjesen, technical manager at Dana SAC UK,

commented: “At the end of the Stage Two course at NFPC, students will put together an hydraulic circuit, confirm operation, and then wait for a tutor to introduce a ‘fault’. Students must then follow a robust troubleshooting process.”

Rubix Ireland has acquired RGR, a specialist supplier of industrial adhesives and abrasives. RGR will continue to operate independently but will now be ‘Powered by Rubix’, which will be reflected in the brand. Yvonne Williams, RGR managing

director, said: “I am very excited about this development for RGR. Together with Rubix Ireland we can further support our customers’ needs with an expansive offering of multi- specialist industrial products, services and solutions. Additionally, this acquisition highlights the strong growth potential identified by Rubix in the specialist industrial adhesives, abrasives and tape market in Ireland.”


Smiths Interconnect has opened a new Qualification and Test laboratory in its site in Dundee, Scotland, which will offer a one-stop shop for critical qualification and testing of Smiths Interconnect’s products in Europe. The structure is equipped with an in-house multipaction testing and SRS mechanical shock testing system, both in dedicated and environmentally controlled areas. As a result, the facility can now replicate deep space

in terms of vacuum and heat, with high power amplifiers and vacuum systems enabling it to analyse high power devices that are used in space with regards to their breakdown voltage behaviour in a vacuum or near- vacuum environment.

To accommodate the company’s growth, Telonic Instruments is moving to a new site in Wokingham that is three times larger. The new premises will feature

a demonstration room and trade counter for customers. There is also room for increased stock holding to reduce lead times as well as capacity for a workshop/calibration lab to be built to continue Telonic’s work in supporting calibration and servicing for customers in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, education, manufacturing, research and development sectors. Telonic Instruments specialises in

programmable power supplies and test and measurement instruments, and is the exclusive UK distributor for Kikusui Electronics Corporation of Japan.


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