Southern Manufacturing 2020 EXHIBITION PREVIEW FEATURE


outhern Manufacturing will be taking place from 11-13 February and, once again,

firms from around the UK will be participating, together with a significant number of exhibitors from across Europe, Asia and the Far East. Advanced manufacturing and materials is one

of the fastest growing aspects of the event, further boosted by the show’s collaboration with the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium, Composites UK and NetComposites, along with national organisations including the SMMT, the Confederation of British Metalforming, the GTMA and the British Gear Association.

MATERIALS & ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING A huge range of products and technologies will be on show this year. For instance, CDG 3D Systems will demonstrate the high-resolution Figure-4 3D printer which uses a nano-micro film for virtual continuous printing in a dozen different materials. New products being presented by Laser Lines

this year include the compact XM200C metal powder-bed fusion 3D printer from Xact Metal which can produce quality metal parts from a variety of metal powders at a low cost. Also demonstrated will be the new Method 3D printer from MakerBot, plus the latest Form 3 3D printer from Formlabs. CREAT3D will be showing the latest additive manufacturing technology from Nexa3D, with one of the printer’s key features being its fast print speed.

PRODUCTION, TOOLING & MACHINERY Many of the biggest names in machining centres will be running live demonstrations. Among them, Matsuura Machinery will exhibit the single table five-axis MX-520 CNC machine tool and HP Multi-Jet Fusion 580 3D printer. Visitors can also see live 3D colour printing on the HP Jet Fusion 580. Other manufacturers demonstrating include

Hurco, with its versatile and compact Hurco VM10i machining centre and TM8i 2-axis CNC lathe. Trumpf returns for 2020, introducing its wide selection of sheet metal fabrication tools and industrial lasers, alongside 3D printing systems, power tools and electronics. XYZ Machine Tools will show its Robo-Tend robot-based automation cell, demonstrated attached to an XYZ 750 LR VMC.

COMPONENTS & SUB-ASSEMBLIES As a marketplace for components and sub-assemblies, Ineltek will exhibit a family

of low-cost add-on boards designed for the Microchip Xplained Pro prototyping and evaluation platform to support the development of E-Ink displays. Currently available with 1.5-, 2.9- and 5.7-inch displays, the boards make it easy to connect and easy to develop using E-Ink display technology in a Microchip Arm or AVR-based development environment. BT2000 will be spotlighting several new releases, including PCTEL performance critical antennas, portable RF telecom scanners/interference locating systems, Vinatech supercapacitors and carbon solutions for fuel cells; and RF Solutions will be displaying a new selection of LoRa (long range) radio modules.

ALSO ON SHOW Other exhibitors include Verotec, which will be showing examples of application-specific modified standard products manufactured on new equipment installed as part of a recent £500k capital investment in new CNC production machinery and production control systems. The stand will also feature examples of its well-established standard metal enclosures families, as well as rack mount or desktop integrated systems with power supplies, backplanes, EMC screening and cooling. Henkel will demonstrate how its latest

generation LOCTITE, BONDERITE, TECHNOMELT and TEROSON products can benefit the entire value chain. The company will also focus on the merits of its Universal Structural Bonders. HepcoMotion, meanwhile, looks forward to

showcasing a selection of products at Southern Manufacturing – from track systems for robot automation, to heavy duty systems for high loads, to a host of smaller components to perform simple or complex operations. Visitors will be able to see the highly-regarded GFX Hepco Guidance for Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System) which utilises Hepco’s PRT2 and 1-Trak guidance systems to work with Beckhoff’s XTS circuit linear system to meet the needs of higher duty XTS applications where motion profiles and long-term durability requirements are particularly demanding. TRUMPF will be focussing on how its TruLaser

Tube machines are opening up new design possibilities in this sector; and Broanmain Plastics will use the show to launch its new precision-moulding manufacturing facility that caters to branded, customised precision components used in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and FMCG sectors.

SEMINARS The free seminar programme at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020 delivers a wide-ranging agenda covering, amongst other topics, advanced materials, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and real-world examples of business transformation.  DESIGN SOLUTIONS | DECEMBER/JANUARY 2020 31

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