Temperature monitoring in metals processing F

Cooling curve monitoring in glass annealing lehrs


hermalert 4.0 spot pyrometers from Fluke Process Instruments enable precise monitoring of critical glass

manufacturing processes such as annealing of glass bottles and containers. The noncontact infrared sensors measure product as well as belt temperatures. That way, operators can ensure that the lehr is set correctly for products with different glass thicknesses and sizes, and that the transportation belt is heated correctly. The latter is especially important for glass containers with a thick bottom, to prevent uneven cooling and breakage. Continuous monitoring helps operators improve quality and uniformity and reduce reject rates. It also supports troubleshooting by detecting faulty burners under the transportation belt. The annealing process is designed to remove residual

stress in formed containers. Obtaining the correct temperature and cooling curve is essential to achieve the required strength in the finished product.

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luke Process Instruments will showcase temperature sensing solutions for primary and secondary metals production at the 2019 HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany. These include infrared sensors for

noncontact measurements, which are ideal for continuous remote monitoring of products and equipment, and datalogging systems for furnace surveys and in-process product temperature profiling. Developed to meet today’s demanding industrial automation requirements, the hardware and software systems allow operators to optimize their processes for consistent high quality and fuel efficiency. An exhibition highlight, the ThermoView TV40 industrial-grade thermal imager with an integrated visible-light camera, enables 24/7 temperature monitoring in a -10 °C to 1200 °C range. Target applications include iron foundries where the imagers check temperatures of molten metal and monitor ladles to ensure that the refractory lining is intact. Users can define various areas of interest with distinct alarm conditions.

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Pyrometers for high temperatures and various fieldbuses F

luke Process Instruments extends its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series, adding new shortwave versions and various additional interface options. The

compact, extremely robust infrared thermometers provide noncontact, automatic temperature monitoring. Three new spectral models measuring at wavelengths of 1 µm, 1.6 µm, and 2.3 µm have been primarily designed for high-temperature applications and are particularly suitable for monitoring metal, steel, and glass. The full Thermalert 4.0 lineup covers measuring temperatures between -40 °C and 2300 °C and offers various different spectral models and focus distances.

All models are now available with connectivity options for Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET IO, in addition to

analog or RS485 interfaces. Voltage can be supplied via Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Thermalert 4.0 series features an outstanding high maximum operating temperature of 85 °C. Users can therefore save costs by setting up many measuring points without cooling.

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EPLAN launches ePULSE cloud solutions

systems that bring together data, projects, disciplines and engineers around the world. With a standard internet browser, ePULSE users can access applications that enhance the existing EPLAN product platform with new functions along the whole data-driven value chain. The project data stored in EPLAN ePULSE is both the


system description for a company’s in-house manufacturing and customer documentation for all aspects of the digital twin related to automation. The open design of EPLAN ePULSE underpins future plans to ensure compatibility with a wide range of data formats and to provide interfaces with systems from other providers. “We’re using agile development methods for our cloud

offering whilst simultaneously focusing on our customers’ needs,” says Sebastian Seitz, Chief Executive Officer at EPLAN and Cideon. “EPLAN ePULSE serves as an efficient

AE expert EPLAN has launched ePULSE, the company’s foundation for a complete network of cloud-based

connection between end customers, machine and plant suppliers, and component manufacturers in industrial production. In this era of digitisation, ePULSE allows our customers to rely 100 per cent on digital data.” “To further develop our ideas for cloud-based

solutions,” he continued, “we have created a new business unit that operates in the style of today’s very effective think tanks. Experiments are carried out here and discussed with customers and partners.” Other EPLAN cloud-based systems include EPLAN

eVIEW, with which engineering projects generated using the EPLAN Platform will be directly accessible in the cloud, the EPLAN Data Portal which offers web-based access to high-quality product catalogues of numerous component manufacturers, and a cloud-based version of EPLAN Cogineer which will make it possible to generate schematics from a template library directly in a browser with just a few mouse clicks.

The new Kistler KiDAQ unique T

he modular design of the new KiDAQ from Kistler Instruments makes unlimited channels and distributed

systems a reality whatever the application; industrial, laboratory, permanent installations and mobile. Engineers now have everything needed to complete any measuring task: a single integrated system that can be flexibly expanded at any time with additional measurement modules and units.

The new data acquisition system can be configured to

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suit any application with a choice of portable and 19 inch rack housings that can accommodate up to 13 measurement modules each, and DIN Rail modules for industrial installations with any number of measurement modules and other components of a system. This flexibility allows users to configure a data acquisition system that best meets to their current and future needs. Nothing is made redundant ensuring a low cost of ownership without compromising system performance and capability.

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