Making the case for customised enclosures

Thanks to Spelsberg’s customisation services, electronic systems designer Jubilee Electronics is able to specify

extremely specialist enclosures from a single source and have them delivered ready to use out-of-the-box


ervicing industries as diverse as power generation, automotive manufacturing, HVAC and security, Jubilee Electronics designs and

manufactures specialist electronic systems for industrial applications located in extreme or challenging environments. Many of its customers are blue-chip and multinational brands and will

approach Jubilee with theoretical ideas of the system that they need. A lot of the systems the company designs carry out a fairly standard function, but must also be able to cope with extreme temperatures, heavy vibration or shock loads, for example. As a result, high quality enclosures are needed that can provide flexible mounting options as well as robust protection. To meet the application requirements, Jubilee works directly with Spelsberg UK when specifying enclosures. “Spelsberg offers customisation services such as CNC machining, screen printing and assembly in-house, so we’re able to specify extremely specialist enclosures from a single source and have them delivered ready to use out-of-the-box,” explained David Valentine, who heads up hardware design for Jubilee. “The difference in lead times is noticeable

The rugged yet lightweight polycarbonate GEOS outdoor enclosures are easy to install and deliver an impact rating of IK09

compared to buying standard enclosures from a distributor and sending them to a third party for customisation.” The read added value, however, comes from the advice available from

Spelsberg. Valentine added: “One our latest projects is for a power generation application where the electrical system will be permanently exposed to the elements in an extremely remote location. The cost of gaining access for maintenance would far exceed the cost of the original system, meaning that our solution needs to be fit-and-forget. When we spoke with a representative of Spelsberg they were able to appreciate the concerns we had about the application and suggested we try the latest addition to the range: the GEOS.” Suitable for use in the most testing of environments, the rugged

yet lightweight polycarbonate GEOS outdoor enclosures are easy to install and deliver an impact rating of IK09. These also feature a ‘Drain Protect’ system that channels moisture away from the enclosure’s seals to aid ingress protection (up to IP67). A wide range of standard sizes and accessories are available to order. Valentine commented: “With 40 years of experience in the field, I well

understand the challenges of customising an enclosure that will withstand such prolonged exposure to the elements. As soon as I held the sample GEOS in my hand, I could see the level of engineering and quality – it was a real breath of fresh air compared to other enclosures on the market.” Having initially specified the GEOS for the one-off power generation

project, Jubilee Electronics is now specifying the range for other projects. Spelsberg


Designed for use in the food industry, where companies want to shorten set-up times and reduce production stoppages, HARTING has developed the Han F+B series. With strong resistance to detergents, the connectors function in temperatures from

-40 to +125˚C, prevent the build-up of dirt, and have housings certified by Ecolab and FDA 21 approvals. Of further benefit, circular shapes and smooth junctions, transitions surfaces, threads and seals were chosen for the Han F+B to ensure a hygienic, easy-to- clean design and to make it harder for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. As well as being resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment (IP69K), coupling and uncoupling is fast and easy with the specially designed housing profile. If machine downtime occurs, users no longer need to open a cable gland on the control cabinet to decouple devices. For secure identification, the connectors are blue (a

black version is also available) and the housings can be used with hybrid contact inserts for data, signal and power. This makes it possible to configure future-proof machine design for processing units, including Ethernet. With the use of an adapter, the user can integrate a selection of Han 3A inserts, including RJ45 interfaces, signal inserts with up to 21 poles as well as power contacts for currents up to 40A.



Available from TTI, CeraCharge is a surface-mountable rechargeable solid-state battery produced by TDK Corporation. This merges aspects of lithium- ion battery and multilayer ceramic capacitor technologies to produce an all-ceramic, solid-state rechargeable cell suitable for reflow soldering. The all ceramic-structure of the CeraCharge batteries means

that they cannot leak, burn or explode, and will work over wide operating temperature ranges and even in a vacuum. The CeraCharge 1812 is just 4.5 x 3.2 x 1.1mm, and weighs

40mg. It has a nominal operating voltage of 1.5V, a nominal capacity of 100µAh, and a nominal discharge current of 20µA. According to the company, the parts can be used as

backup batteries for real-time clock circuits, to store energy for IoT devices such as beacons and energy-harvesting systems, and as sub-batteries that smooth out voltage and current variations in wearable devices.

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