high turndown ratios of up to 8:1. The main differences between traditional


pressure jet burners and premix burners relate to the ways in which the air and gas is mixed and in the technology of the combustion head. Riello RX burners feature an exclusive design

that includes a patented woven wire gauze ‘sock’ covering the combustion head cylinder. This arrangement enables a very compact flame with a diameter directly related to the burner firing rate, ensuring precise heat control and optimum efficiency at all loads.

iello RX premix packaged burners are available in outputs up to 3MW, offering NOx levels of less than 40mg/kWh, with

Riello’s premix burners up to 3MW The high turndown makes RX burners ideal

for systems with variable heat loads where low NOx levels are also required. These range from condensing boilers through to process applications such as spray booths and industrial ovens. The geometry of the gas ports is designed

specifically to ensure that throughout the modulation range the speed of the air/gas mixture is sufficient to avoid burnback. Also, the high combustion intensity developed on the premix burner head means that a greater heat output is achieved over a much smaller combustion head dimension, when compared to other burner technologies.

Energy monitoring and targeting – mapping data to gain more meaning

and a move towards reducing carbon it is of course important to monitor and report on the energy usage across your building estate. Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) is a standard process for energy reduction, but what if there was another way?


A more intelligent approach to energy use in buildings What if you were able to map your energy usage with occupancy usage, to tailor building services to demand? Resulting in an optimised, more efficient building. What if you were able to collate data from different building services to provide a more intelligent approach to usage? For example, you could map the BMS data with your lighting and your meeting room booking system. In this instance you could manage the energy around meeting rooms in an office location more effectively. When not in use you could power off all appliances in that space. You could even instruct for cleaning to be put on hold. But when a meeting is scheduled you could automate the HVAC to bring the room up to temperature in time for the start of the booking, you could initiate the lighting and instruct for cleaning to take place afterwards. Additionally, if the meeting was cancelled yet not updated on the system, the space if not entered in the first 15 minutes, could be relaxed and automatically made available for others whilst also saving valuable consumption. By mapping different services within one

athering energy data to measure the performance of your building estate is commonplace. With rising energy costs

building you are then able to be smarter with your energy and service provision. The AXON platform gathers big building

data, to provide visualisations and reporting on energy, consumption, lighting, environment and occupancy, for estate performance analytics at all levels. By seamlessly integrating your building data onto the technology independent AXON platform you can optimise the performance of your estate today. There is no need to change or install different plant equipment, AXON is brand agnostic and can be connected to your existing BMS.

Providing fair and transparent recharging of utility costs to occupants Another added benefit to gathering big building data is the ability to accurately bill energy costs to tenants, known as intelligent apportionment. With AXON this process can be automated and is something we have done for buildings such as London Bridge City estate including Hays Galleria, Cottons Centre, No 1 London Bridge City and 2 & 6 More London. Broadgate Estates were looking for a platform that was technology independent, a platform that could integrate disparate data streams from the

technologies installed within the estate. Broadgate Estates wanted to reduce the overall energy consumption of their clients’ building stock, whilst also provide fair and transparent recharging of utility costs to occupants. Broadgate Estates have experience in using

the disparate technologies within a building to reduce consumption and deliver occupier bills. Yet existing solutions, in their opinion, were not integrated or automated sufficiently; or there was a commercial bind between the software platform and a specific brand of hardware. Importantly they wanted to combine data from both the energy management system (EMS) and BMS to identify energy reduction opportunities, to then also prove the outcome of the remedy. Working with AXON they were able to

achieve a significant reduction in operational hours per annum resulting in identified energy savings of 1,935,876 kWh. If you wish to take a more informed

approach to your building management then please get in touch with the AXON team to learn more. Visit us at:

range of maintenance services for The Cooperative Group estate. Mitton Group will be providing the leading British consumer co operative with mechanical, electrical and building fabric support services across the family of retail businesses including food, petrol filling stations and funeral care sites. The contract, which runs for five


years, will be managed via Mitton’s existing nationwide network of service centres, staffed by qualified engineers with the ability to provide fast and targeted services throughout the UK. Mitton Group has an

established reputation for performance in the retail sector. The company’s Aftercare division already operates national maintenance contracts for clients including a leading supermarket group and a blue chip DIY brand,

Advertorial BSEE

Coop group opts for Mion maintenance services

&E specialists Mitton Group have won a competitive tender to a

as well as running a specialist Totalcare store and site technician service giving customers with multiple sites instant access to a qualified team of mobile technicians to carry out hard FM and minor building repairs. Mitton Group Director Neil

Burns underlines the value and quality of the maintenance services provided by the Mitton team. “Over the past decade, we have continued to invest in and build on our presence in the retail sector, establishing a firm foothold and providing a relevant, qualified service which contributes to our clients’ profitability,” he stated. Sontay takes training digital

Sontay launches new elearning platform to allow participants to train at their own pace and in their own environment

devices, has been running highly successful training courses from its head office in Edenbridge, Kent for many years. Now, to make it easier for those who want to take part in training, the company has launched a new elearning platform so people can enhance their knowledge and learn at an individual pace with no need for travel. “We are delighted to introduce our new elearning platform,”


comments Anne Avis, Marketing Coordinator/Event Manager at Sontay. “Over the years we have honed our training course content and feel now is the perfect time to deliver elearning modules. It is not always easy for our customers to visit our office and it means taking time out of their valuable working day. With these new courses, people can learn when they want and wherever they are. The platform is extremely easy to use, and we can’t wait for our customers to try it out.” There are three 45minute courses available on the elearning platform:

Understanding BeMS Basics  Level 1 Understanding BeMS COOLING  Level 1 Understanding BeMS HEATING  Level 1 VentAxia’s innovative PoziDry Compact Pro shortlisted at Building Communities Awards 2020

Product category, the company’s PoziDry Compact Pro offers a totally new way of thinking about Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and is the ideal solution for combating condensation and mould in problem properties without a loft. Ultra small and light, the unit can fit in the smallest of spaces and a removable inner cartridge makes installation and maintenance a breeze. The Building Communities Awards recognises and celebrates


excellence and innovation within the housing and construction community and is one of the biggest and best events of its kind in the East Midlands. Award winners will be announced on Friday 28th February 2020 at the blacktie event, which will take place at the Athena in Leicester. The evening is set to be attended by almost 500 professionals celebrating the best in the industry with awards being

ocial housing ventilation experts VentAxia are delighted to reveal that they have been named as a finalist at the prestigious EEM Building Communities Awards 2020. Shortlisted in the Innovative

presented by TV personality, actor, presenter, vocalist and professional speaker Des Coleman. “The LoCarbon PoziDry

Compact Pro is a real step change for PIV and we are delighted that this has been recognised by the Building Communities Awards’ judges,” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at VentAxia. Telephone 0844 856 0590 or visit:

www.venthousing Offsite manufacturing: the big picture

of all sizes. An ECA survey of businesses in


the electrotechnical and engineering services industry has revealed that, as well as speed and efficiency, offsite construction can offer a range of other benefits to industry and society. Almost two thirds (61 per cent) of

survey respondents reported increased productivity, and nearly one in two (47 per cent) reported

ffsite construction is fast becoming a key mechanism for delivering projects

enhanced employee safety. More than half saw improved quality of work (57 per cent), reduced operational costs (59 per cent) and less project downtime (55 per cent). Many respondents (43 per cent)

also experienced a reduction in their carbon footprint – an increasingly important performance indicator for UK businesses in light of the Government’s commitment to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050. However, the biggest barriers to

carrying out offsite manufacturing were identified as a lack of suitably

Read the latest at:

skilled staff and a high level of ongoing investment. Despite these barriers, the vast

majority (81 per cent) of businesses agreed that offsite manufacturing will offer them new commercial opportunities in the future. Significantly, 42% of larger

businesses (those with turnover of £5m plus) said that they would be using offsite construction within five years, in part due to requirements from their buyers. Stay up to date at:

components and proven reliability are essential prerequisites. The new models join the

current Lynx range, an established and important part of Dunham Bush’s highly successful fan coil product offering, one of the most comprehensive on the market. Super Lynx is a 385mm deep

concealed, horizontal fan coil unit available in two size variants

DunhamBush powerful Super

Lynx fan coil units Top cats for high duty areas

to serve high duty areas. With outputs up to 15kW, the new Super Lynx Series of horizontal waterside control chassis fan coil units have been developed to accommodate high duty areas, while meeting the demands of the highend commercial market sectors, where high quality


ased on the successful Lynx fan coil unit, Super Lynx has been designed specifically

ontay, the market leading manufacturer of field control

producing air flows up to 1400 l/s and 1900 l/s. It uses the latest EC motors driving allmetal fans with specific fan powers of less than 0.6 W/l/s for system resistances of 100 Pa. Standard features on all models

include a rectangular discharge plenum and galvanised condensate drip trays. A variety of options are available to meet most installation requirements, including single rectangular or multiple circular spigots, 400mm and 600mm inlet acoustic attenuators, stainless steel condensate drip trays, a 200mm drip tray extension to accommodate larger valves sets and condensate pumps.


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