right answer. This was certainly the case recently for the 5star Claridge’s Hotel whose original ambitious plan for a 2storey extension, became a 5storey basement challenge. A development of this nature was always going


alternative to traditional inline energy meters, for energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district or shared heating or cooling systems, which offers significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional in line products. Micronics:

T ultraflou1000hm/ has built on its success with the U1000 heat meter range to develop a MKII version, which extends the pipe size to cover applications from 22mm – 180mm (6”) OD pipe. And whilst the U1000MKIIHM can still be used as a standalone product, in the all

to be complex. Added to this was the fact that this was happening underneath one of the most iconic hotels in the heart of London, that needed to remain fully operational during the build, and this was a whole new engineering challenge that demanded great ingenuity as well as the close collaboration of many disparate parties.


hen you need to find a significant amount of space in London’s Mayfair, you often need to dig deep to find the

This included a wide range of Grundfos pumps

and pumping solutions that are right at the very heart of operations, providing all the HVAC, water demands and all the necessary boosting to deliver the necessary optimal results. Now complete the £35m project has been

transformed into two new swimming pools, a spa area, restaurant, meeting rooms and additional service areas. After so many years of believing that the sky’s

the limit, this project has turned this concept on its head. To find out more about how Grundfos can help you with your everyday or exceptional new or replacement pump needs, visit: New product release from Micronics

he New U1000MKIIHM is a “Best Value” Clampon, Ultrasonic heat meter

important area of connectivity the new product supports optional Mbus, Modbus RTU slave and RS485 serial communications for aM&T or BEMs systems. Still simple to install: connect

power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors and clampon the pipe with no

specialist skills or tools required but now with a wider range of application the MKII heat meter offers a clampon noninvasive alternative to traditional inline sub metering, with no draindown required plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability. For further information on this product

or the Micronics range call Micronics on +44(0)1628 810456, or visit: New media plate  half full or half empty

which have been developed as the direct result of requests from contractors looking for a smaller version of the existing media plates. The plates feature a decorative ingot


switched double socket outlet with a triple aperture that will allow the installation of any three new media modules to build a plate to suit a variety of installation requirements. With flexibility and quick installation

for the end user in mind, the half media plates include a premanufactured insert onto the back of the plate to eliminate the need for a mounting yoke. There are five new half media plates

available  Polar White, Polished Chrome (with a choice of black or white ingot) and

he latest product development from Scolmore sees the launch of a new range of half media plates

Titan Products launch world’s first Zigbee 3.0 CO2 room sensor

Advertorial BSEE SIP2

designed to provide an easytouse, low cost metering, fieldbus or plant interface and/or data capture solution. The SIP2

S hardware

platform comes as standard with built in M Bus, ModBus, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a digital input. The small footprint of the hardware makes it perfect for residential applications with the inclusion of PoE for when a standard power source is not an option.

The multiprotocol hardware

supports a maximum of four drivers per device (one instance of each driver), those drivers can include MQTT, REST, Synapsys ViQ and BIC and many more. SIP2


available in 100, 300 and 600 point variants ensuring users don’t have to pay for more points than they require. SIP2

hardware is easy to install

and commission, with a small footprint and access to Synapsys’ library of SIPeasy files, which can be easily converted using the company’s free to download SIPeasy conversion tool from the SIPintegrator support website. Learn more:

www.synapsys T

itan Products are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Zigbee 3.0 CO2 sensor.

Communicating using the latest Zigbee 3.0

technology the TPZRCO2THZ3 is designed to communicate to compatible 3rd party hubs and co ordinators opening up the opportunity to add wireless CO2 monitoring to Zigbee 3.0 or HA1.2 ecosystems. By monitoring CO2 and using the measurements to

ventilate spaces on demand, productivity in working and learning environments can be greatly improved and air quality can be maintained at a comfortable level making the sensors perfect for a wide range of applications including commercial, residential and education buildings. Providing an excellent five year battery life, the

wireless sensors provide increased flexibility in mounting location, ease of install and much lower installation costs over wired sensor types as no cable runs are required. The CO2 sensor offers Temperature and Humidity

Satin Chrome (with a choice of black or white ingot). For further information contact Scolmore

on 01827 63454: or visit: H

hotels to office developments, with the ability to rapidly heat and cool large areas with much greater efficiency than other similar heating and cooling systems. Incorporating the latest EC motor


technology, which can result in runningcost savings as high as 80%, and with variable speed control as standard, the Aegean delivers heat quickly and quietly. By using the variable fan speed, unoccupied setbacks etc. using the precise control provided by the BMS interfaces further energy consumption can be

aving the time to undertake any training can be difficult, that is why today many more industry professionals, like you,

are turning to the Grundfos Ecademy. Regardless of if your focus is on large or small projects, or if you are involved with supplying or specifying pumps within a domestic setup or in larger commercial buildings; or perhaps you operate mainly within industrial applications or specialise in water utilities; there are specific modules that have been designed to help you to gain a deeper insight into a range of pump facts. The Grundfos Ecademy has steadily been

increasing its reach in recent years and with the advent of a wide range of new topics, that are all available to you 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer, there are even more reasons to make this hub a firm favourite. The Ecademy continues to be committed to

delivering on its promise to incorporate a diverse range of themes. This means the subjects that are covered go across many different applications, various pump product families as well as looking at the theory behind the engineering. Plus, all of these lessons, are delivered in handy bite sized chunks.

See which of the many topics will appeal to

you by visiting:

Bringing controllable efficient warmth to Woodthorne Primary School

egean by Smith’s is a range of fan coil units suitable for all kinds of commercial applications, from restaurants and

achieved. The Aegean range of fan coils units is compatible with most types of renewable heat sources. To ensure that customers get

what they are expecting the heating & cooling performance of Aegean has been tested and verified by BSRIA and the sound performance tested & verified by SRL Technical Services. Aegean is available in 2 horizontal sizes at

235mm and 260mm, and one vertical size at 500mm. The Smith’s technical sales team is available

Read the latest at:

measurement within the sensor as standard. Combining all three sensor types within a single device removes the need for multiple sensors within a space reducing install and hardware costs. A Temperature and Humidity only sensor is also available. Products are now available to order, please contact

Titan Products for more information on +0161 406 6480 or email: Teach yourself a lesson with the Grundfos Ecademy S

wegon has launched a new range of smoke control dampers. The Actionair

SmokeCommand range has been introduced in response to growing demand for improvements in fire and smoke safety strategies throughout UK buildings. Swegon’s approach ensures

that specifiers have all the information necessary to ensure the smoke control dampers they select meet all regulatory and product standard requirements and, crucially, can be tested in conjunction with all other elements of the fire safety strategy to ensure all the components work in harmony and are appropriate for the building in question. Actionair SmokeCommand

dampers are CE Marked single and multiple compartment dampers and are classified to product standard EN135014 and tested to EN 136610. These slim, lightweight, metal multi bladed products are designed for duct installation using either a rectangular flange or rectangular spigot. They use a twoposition actuator for drive open and drive close operation. As smoke can spread rapidly

to offer free, noobligation advice on the best heating solution for an almost exhaustive range of commercial applications. For more information call us on 01245 324900 or visit:

through a building’s ductwork system, the dampers must be activated as soon as smoke is detected – reacting to thermal sensing can often be too late. SmokeCommand dampers can be interfaced with the building’s fire alarm system via the Actionpac damper control panel for automatic activation to clear

smoke from the affected area, manual override for post fire smoke clearance is also possible. This means users can be reassured that the system will work quickly when needed. Building owners also view the status of the dampers along with receiving notifications, reports and testing updates. These dampers meet the strict

smoke control requirements by moving to an open or closed position less than 60 seconds after receiving an alarm. They will remain open for up to 120 minutes to allow the safe extraction of smoke and increase the amount of time available to evacuate the building. They are able to maintain their position because they have no thermal device to cause uncontrolled operation and no automatic return mechanism. As well as helping to clear

evacuation routes by keeping stairwells and other passages clear during a fire, SmokeCommand dampers play a critical role in extracting heat from a building and can complement the use of fire sprinklers in helping to manage the impact of a fire. Some dampers will be venting

smoke and others closing to manage the movement of the smoke, so it is crucial for a smoke control damper to have low leakage in the closed position and also when open to extract smoke in a controlled way. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER FEBRUARY 2020 39

Swegon takes command of smoke control

: the next step in simple, low

cost meter interfacing and data capture solutions

IP2 from Synapsys Solutions is a new hardware platform

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