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K finance success story changes name as it drives a 40,000 strong customer base

and attracts significant equipment suppliers to its platform. Henry Howard Finance Group

has announced a change of name to Propel in support of its strategic positioning as SME funder of choice. ‘’Our Propel Promise, being small

enough to care and deliver a brilliant personal service, and big enough to have the expertise and technology to be a leader in SME

WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY Henry Howard Finance enters new decade as Propel

finance, is a commitment to all our existing and future customers. “The change to Propel came from

the team who wanted a bold, contemporary and distinctive brand reflective of the company today and our future aspirations’’, says Anne Williams, Chief Operating Officer. Propel heralds several important

developments for the business. It will be opening new offices in Manchester to support its growth and launching new versions of its market leading technology in 2020, among other things.

with distributor Hawco and some of their customers. Attendee, David Jupp, Director of Castle


growing MAGfire Fire Protection range. MAGDUO sits alongside the existing MAG Conventional Fire Alarm products and the MAGPRO Addressable range – fulfilling the increasing demand from customers for this latest technology. An essential component product for the MAGDUO


Two Wire Fire System is the FlexiPoint detector device which brings a high degree of flexibility, versatility and convenience due to the inbuilt programmable options it offers. The MAGDUO FlexiPoint is a plugin style smoke

detector that utilises a photoelectric sensing chamber to make a measurement corresponding to smoke density. The device also incorporates a thermistor sensing circuit to allow for accurate heat measurement. These elements allow the device to be configured to a smoke, heat or combined setting. As well as offering 7 different modes of fire

detection including combined heat and smoke, the FlexiPoint detector is also available with an inbuilt sounder or inbuilt sounder strobe, which will assist with a compact install solution (as the detector and sounder is allinone as opposed to separate units). For further information contact ESP on 01527

515150, email or visit:

FlexiPoint – seven fire detectors in one

he launch of ESP’s MAGDUO TwoWire Fire Alarm System earlier this year, added a totally new collection of products to the company’s

Fridge Ltd who has been in the commercial refrigeration industry since 1982 commented, “the training day was very informative, I learnt a lot and believe the future is exciting for commercial refrigeration and the use of CO2. Over the next five years I think that we will start to see colossal changes within the industry with the adoption of more natural refrigerants such as CO2.” The Panasonic CO2 range available in the

UK currently has both 2kW and 15kW condensing units where the larger units can also work together if a larger capacity is required to provide 30kW. The range has

Mark Catton, Chief Executive

Officer of Propel Finance Plc says: “Our new name ‘Propel’ embodies our passion for the business and our ambitions for our customers in one simple name. “Propel is a powerful word that

sums up what we strive to achieve for the SMEs and vendors that we support across the UK, and our own business.” To find out more about Propel

call 01633 415222 or visit:

specialist commercial refrigeration and CO2 awareness training day was held at Panasonic UK HQ in Bracknell

uMark Caon, CEO at Propel Finance

Panasonic runs CO2 commercial refrigeration training with Hawco

Global building industry leader Kingspan launches plans to tackle climate change

• 12 ‘Planet Passionate’ commitments to reduce environmental impact by 2030 • Expansion on Net Zero Energy and ocean cleanup initiatives • Kingspan also announced as new member of Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network Global building industry leader

Kingspan has launched a major 10year strategy to play its part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, as determined in the Paris Agreement, and contribute towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Planet Passionate strategy

been specifically developed for small to medium capacity applications within the retail and food service sectors and is particularly suited for installations in small supermarkets, convenience stores and garage forecourt retail operations. If you would like to attend a future

training course or for more information on the range, please visit: or

New high definition occupancy switches from DANLERS

and ventilation. The products are suitable for building into high bay luminaires up to an impressive 17m mounting height with a potential 24m diameter detection range. They can also be wall mounted into a suitable Eurodata plate with excellent high definition detection up to 10m. Each control has adjustable photocell


override (151000 lux) and adjustable time lag settings (from 10 seconds to 40 minutes) and is suitable for switching up to 6 amps most loads or 2 amps LED. These grid modules are suitable for

indoor use in a range of applications including: offices, factories, warehouses, corridors and washrooms etc.

3 Steps to Save Money and Increase the Reliability of your Humidifier…


Recognise the Impact of water quality

Minerals in mains water

will cause your humidifier to scale up much the same way as your domestic kettle. If left unchecked it will reduce performance and significantly increase the likelihood of breakdowns, damage, poor reliability, leaving you with a sense of real dissatisfaction with the product. Minimising the negative impact of your water quality is critical to humidifier performance. 2. Understand your water quality You need to understand what type of water you have. There are various, inexpensive tests that can be carried out to establish this. The type of water you have will determine the best method of dealing with it. This can be via regular maintenance, prefiltration of the water before it reaches the humidifier or, a combination of the two.

For more details please contact DANLERS. Tel: 01249 443377, Fax: 01249 443388, or visit:

ELYSATOR water treatment units now in stock, exclusively at SBS

ELYSATOR, market leaders in corrosion protection of recirculation water systems. ELYSATOR’s range of products


3. Get Expert Advice Our engineers have been advising humidifier users on water quality, humidifier maintenance and water pretreatment for many years. Whether it be for steam humidifiers or cold water humidifiers, our team of engineers have more than 150 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry. If you understand the impact of

water quality and how to manage it, you’ll reduce your maintenance costs, reduce the likelihood of breakdown and enjoy reliable and effective humidity control. Tel: 01372 571200 or visit:

combine to ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of your systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime. Using sacrificial magnesium

anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, ELYSATOR addresses both the symptoms and root causes of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems. ELYSATOR’S proven technology engineers optimum environments for these systems so corrosion can't occur, and bacteria can't survive. ELYSATOR’s corrosion protection systems are unique to the market,


by which they separate gasses, absorb acids, and filter sludge particles  all at the same time. This ensures valuable components and recirculation water system problems can be protected. The electrochemical reaction

of the sacrificial magnesium anode is reliable, measurable and works WITHOUT chemical additives. Installation and service are easy and at a low cost. Visit your local branch or

contact your customer representative today for further information on the complete Elysator product range.

mith Brothers Stores are pleased to announce a distribution partnership with

uToshiba’s new online tool automacally checks R32 system designs for compliance with the safety requirements of EN 378.


oshiba has developed an online tool that automatically checks R32

refrigerantbased air conditioning designs for compliance with the safety requirements of European Standard EN 378. Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) is a joint venture between Toshiba Carrier Corporation and Carrier in the United Kingdom, and is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. EN 378 – Refrigerating Systems

and heat pumps: Safety and environmental requirements sets out limits for refrigerant charge size in occupied spaces. These vary according to the toxicity and flammability of the refrigerant, the size of the occupied space, the accessibility of the area, and the scale of possible exposure by individuals and the public in the unlikely event of a refrigerant leak. “The calculation for specific

projects under EN378 becomes quite complex, due to the number of variables involved,” said Oliver

Sanders, TCUK’s new equipment presales manager. “The tool enables designers to quickly input the key details for a project and simply hit return; it automatically calculates whether the proposed system is compliant or not.” If a proposed design proves to be

noncompliant, the tool suggests practical mitigation measures that can be used to ensure the project meets the requirements. These may include installation of a fixed refrigerant monitoring and alarm system, use of isolation valves, and/or installation of ventilation fans in the area affected by a potential leak. “It is a really useful tool for air

conditioning system designers, particularly given the adoption of R32 refrigerant as a mainstream solution,” said Sanders. “Our own presales design team uses it as part of their standard process for carrying out compliance checks on proposed designs. It provides designers, consultants and contractors with reassurance and useful options to ensure systems are within safety requirements.” Access the tool here:charge/ Read the latest:

ANLERS Limited have launched two new Grid PIR Occupancy switches for the automatic control of lighting

is made up of 12 ambitious targets, addressing the impact of Kingspan’s business operations and manufacturing on the four key areas of energy, carbon, circularity and water. Details can be found at: tments/planetpassionate

In recognition of its continued

sustainability commitments, Kingspan has also announced membership of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100), the world’s leading circular economy network. Planet Passionate will not only

impact on the environmental footprint of Kingspan’s business, but also aims to enhance the environmental performance of its products by reducing embodied carbon and enhancing circularity, making the buildings where they are used more sustainable too. For all media enquiries, contact or 0161 447 1415.

New online tool helps air conditioning designers check safety compliance of R32 Systems

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