News eriKs seLects the uK for its new european centre of expertise

Furthering its ambition to be the leading supplier of industrial products and services, ERIKS has officially opened the doors of its European Centre of Expertise for power transmission in the West Midlands. The unit is also home to a number of ERIKS

Product Management and technical teams as well as a fully equipped engineering repair workshop. Located at Unit B Prime Point, on the Pensnett Industrial Estate in Kingswinford, ERIKS moved into the 30,000 sq. ft premises in September which houses over 120 employees. Commenting on the move, Mike Ferris, chief

operating officer for products and solutions at ERIKS UK & Ireland, said: “The Prime Point facility will be one of a number of ERIKS Technology Centres dedicated to innovation and customer service and will support our growth ambitions as the leading supplier of industrial products and services. “We are also proud to have been selected as

the European Centre of Expertise for power transmission, helping the rest of the group provide customers with best-in-class technical and engineering support. “Relocating 120 or more staff will also give us

the opportunity to consolidate a number of functions from different offices to improve the coordination and flexibility of our technical and engineering support functions.” Bringing a wealth of knowledge and

expertise together in one place, the new site will combine the skills of application engineers from several product areas, including bearings and lubrication, electrical, sealing and polymer, and tools, safety and maintenance. The new premises will also facilitate a design team, project/product assembly and customisation cells along with a fully equipped repair and test workshop for drives. “The UK has always been a very important

market for our business and the new facility represents a significant and strategic investment not only for the UK and Ireland but for the group companies operating across Europe.” said Simon Franken, CEO of ERIKS Group. Continuing, Franken said: “We recognise that

it is increasingly challenging for businesses to maintain productivity of plant and the reliability

aDDressing errors in oiL anD gas

TUV SUD NEL has launched two industry-wide collaborative projects to address the impact that evolving real-world conditions have on flow meter performance, as it believes that significant measurement errors are costing the oil and gas industry approximately $7m per day.

To optimise flow meter performance, the oil and gas industry

relies upon data that was developed decades ago, which does not reflect the increased temperature and pressures experienced as fields are increasingly exploited at greater depths. The organisation is calling on interested parties, from both academia and industry, to join these two collaborative projects. The first is a Joint Research project (JRP) which aims to develop accurate

flow pattern maps at real world conditions. These will become increasingly crucial as industry moves towards digital solutions to maximise oil and gas production and reduce operating costs to support flow assurance, validate new technologies, optimise maintenance and assess production economics. The company hopes to develop a new family of multiphase flow pattern maps. These will more accurately reflect the conditions that operators experience in the field, while new technologies can also be exploited to remove errors associated with data misinterpretation. The second is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to review and update

the performance benchmarking of multiphase flow meters and wet gas meters, to reflect the significant changes in meter technologies and their use over the last 10 years. The company will work with oil and gas operators to undergo much-needed meter testing and benchmarking work. 6

of equipment day-to-day. Machinery advances and equipment obsolescence are issues of increasing importance, but these are not topics that are isolated to UK shores. “This new Centre of Expertise for power

transmission is a state-of-the-art facility that demonstrates our commitment to continued investment in the field and supporting our customers as they strive for improved performance and increased cost savings.”

inauguration ceremony for engineering university

NMiTE, the pioneering future engineering university being created in Hereford, had its inauguration ceremony on Friday 19 October at Hereford Cathedral. The ceremony reflects

how far the project has already come, with a growing faculty and

radical approach, ready to recruit Britain’s most ambitious student engineers into its initial intake in September 2019. NMiTE is the first in a wave of new higher education “challengers” the government is encouraging to launch, to give students better choices and bring fresh approaches to teaching. The pageantry of the inauguration, which included a civic parade

with six mayors and a full ceremony in Hereford Cathedral, also reflects the importance of this initiative to create an internationally- renowned centre of engineering teaching excellence – benefitting both the UK’s businesses and the region’s economy. Universities minister Sam Gyimah said: “Innovation must remain

the driving force behind our higher education system – at the heart of the sector should be the desire to cultivate and explore ground- breaking opportunities for graduates, developing the skills our country needs. “NMiTE embodies this by engaging employers, experts and

academics to develop courses and opportunities that are right for students, and for the engineering sector.” November 2018 Instrumentation Monthly

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