Test & measurement

and we have even bought training kits and equipment to support our own training workshop and the development of our own staff.” Referring to the components

manufactured at Martin Baker, Smith continues; “We have an ever increasing demand put upon us by our design department, so over the last few years for instance, they have changed the principles of how we tolerance our drawings. We have gone more down the lines of gauge and dimensional tolerancing (GD&T) and the demands placed upon the business has required us to have more applicable equipment to actually meet these demands. We’ve looked in the last five to six years at investing in standardised equipment across the board that meets all the demands our design team place on us.”

The equipmenT From a hardware perspective, Martin Baker has two Crysta Apex 9206 CMM’s in its inspection department with another checking components at goods-in, whilst a smaller Crysta Apex 9106 CMM sits alongside the DMG Mori production cell on the shop-floor. The West London facility also has two CV3200 Contracer form measurement machines for inspecting contours and profiles as well as three SurfTest Extreme SV-3000 CNC surface roughness measuring machines. What makes this technology and

configuration genuinely impressive at Martin Baker is the investment in peripheral equipment and software that works in complete synergy with the hardware. Each of the CMM’s has a standardised and comprehensive rack of probes and this includes the SP25 analogue scanning probe with the scanning software module that is part of the Mitutoyo M-COSMOS 3 software suite. For Martin Baker, the SP25 probe provides continuous contact with the workpiece and this improves the inspection cycle times whilst giving 100 per cent inspection on free-form shapes. The circularity and concentricity of holes and bores is guaranteed with the constant probe contact that multiplies the measuring points, giving the customer complete confidence in its inspection processes.

SofTware CreaTeS uniform inSpeCTion The SP25 analogue scanning technology works in synergy with the CAT 1000PS surface analysis software. This CAD modelling suite enables Martin Baker to rapidly load its CAD models direct to the CMM and overlay the CAD models with the path of the inspection probe. By scanning components directly from

Instrumentation Monthly November 2018 29

CAD models, Martin Baker has standardised its procedures, instilled an unparalleled measurement process ethic among staff and also slashed metrology programming times. By selecting the most efficient probe paths and cycle routes, the CAT 1000PS technology has enabled Martin Baker to build a part library and continually optimise the probing cycles.

The nexT STep Whilst the implementation of the latest Mitutoyo technology is reaping benefits for Martin Baker, the company is always looking forward. From this perspective, Martin Baker has recently added the Mitutoyo U-Wave wireless technology that enables equipment from hand tools such as micrometers and vernier callipers to be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the M-COSMOS 3 software to automatically generate uniform inspection reports on components. Martin Baker can select the measurement parameters for the report and the respective parts. From this, shop floor staff can instantly generate inspection reports.

This astounding deluge of data and

reporting is all provided on a ‘live’ platform that can be overseen by the inspection manager through a ‘process analyser cell’. Commenting upon this, Smith confirms: “The facility to view inspection data of hundreds of parts and thousands of measurement parameters on a live basis enables us to monitor our SPC values against production and identify any deviation in production data. We can feed this measurement data to the production department and identify issues on particular machines, components or processes within a cell.” Mitutoyo is one of the few metrology specialists that has its own UKAS certified laboratory in the UK. This enables the Andover inspection specialists to calibrate its own inspection equipment for its customers to a certified standard in the UK. All equipment supplied to Martin Baker passes through the Mitutoyo laboratory in Coventry to ensure equipment meets internationally accredited standards.


Two Mitutoyo CMMs in the inspection department at Martin Baker

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