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Samuel Grant Packaging, the North’s largest packaging distributor, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018 thanks to the Samson Nano, a huge innovation in the pallet industry


ince its launch in 2013, Samuel Grant Packaging’s Samson Nano has

revolutionised the way in which pallet wrapping is both undertaken and charged for. Known particularly for its fixed price per wrapped pallet with no capex/servicing and maintenance costs, coupled with its inbuilt internet-linked reporting software, the Samson Nano provides the perfect wrapping solution to suit all businesses. The Samson Nano has positively

impacted hundreds of businesses around the UK. The innovative pallet wrapping machine not only reduces maintenance costs, but it also helps to reduce unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions. One of the machine’s first clients, Taylor’s of Harrogate, showed an immense reduction in its CO2 emissions from using the machine in the first year alone. Because the Samson Nano represents

the best in modern machinery and is coupled with the high-performance Samson Nano stretch film, by using Samson Nano system, Taylor’s continued to wrap the same number of pallets, but reduced the film requirement from over four tonnes to less than one. This equates to a CO2 emission saving of nearly 10 tonnes.

Samuel Grant Packaging’s Samson Nano has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

SERVICE As well as the ‘standard’ Samson Nano machine, the team at Samuel Grant Packaging are always looking for ways to improve their machines to offer the best possible service. The team have a highly proactive approach to new ideas and improvements which, coupled with their extensive expertise, allows solutions to be found for their customers’ problems. Samuel Grant Packaging has created machines that are suitable for forklifts to drive over it should there be a lack of space, as well as machines that are specifically designed to be used in cold stores. All of the above are part of the ongoing customer service that Samson Nano customers receive, and all solutions are provided with no capex, servicing or maintenance costs; a fixed price per wrapped pallet, and completely risk-free to the business installing the system. “I always ask my customers - if I gave you a magic wand to change your current wrapping, what would you do?” ,says Julia Allen, Samson Nano specialist and managing director of Samuel Grant Sheffield. “This gives me the most honest feedback of what is wrong with their current wrapping which helps me devise a bespoke solution for them in conjunction with my findings from the site evaulation. Our mission is to listen, advise and deliver optimum solutions.”

MARK OF EXCELLENCE Due to this innovation and ‘can do’ approach, this April it was announced that Samuel Grant Packaging was to receive the highest accolade for British companies - a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Although the Queen’s Award for Enterprise is available to British businesses only, it is

6 APRIL 2018 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT 

globally recognised as a mark of excellence. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is given to businesses that excel in innovation, sustainable development or international trade, and it is the highest official UK award for British companies. In winning this award, Samuel Grant Packaging joins a very select branch of elite UK manufacturers. To qualify and win, the company had to

Below: Samson Nano control panel

Bottom right: Samuel Grant Packaging’s warehouse opening day

prove how the packaging industry had been impacted by the Samson Nano. The company also had to show the effect that the machine’s development had had on the local economy, and on the bottom line of the business income. Samuel Grant Packaging has long been known as an expert in the packaging industry. The fourth generation packaging firm has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovation for over 125 years, and with three different branches across the North of England, Samuel Grant Packaging is the largest packaging distributor in the North. Although Samuel Grant Packaging has

been in the industry for years, it has always made innovation a priority. By putting the customers’ needs at the heart of all it does, Samuel Grant Packaging has focused on solving unique solutions and by doing so, has successfully advanced the packing industry in ways that coudn’t have been imagined 125 years ago.

Samuel Grant Packaging

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