ESAB endless wire cuts cost of welding for Kverneland K

verneland Group is a leading international developer, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery and services. At its factory in Klepp,

The NEW Solid Gear ‘One GTX’ Safety Shoe


he ONE GTX from Solid Gear is a superbly constructed safety shoe with seven integrated layers to deliver

excellent comfort and protection. It’s designed and built for active professionals who need a highly breathable, light and flexible safety shoe. With a GORE-TEX® SURROUND® membrane they’re fully breathable and ideal for warmer weather and combined indoor/outdoor activities. The shoe’s stretchable upper is water-resistant with amazing performance when it comes to breathability, fit and flexibility. What’s more, it has a honeycombed sole for enhanced grip and a composite midsole. It also has a stabilising heel support to minimise injuries from twisting. The ONE GTX also comes with Solid Gear’s newly

developed NANO Toe-Cap. It’s 40% stronger than fiberglass, lighter than other materials and thinner than other non-metallic toe-caps. So get to know more about the quality and innovation

plus the top class safety functionality in every Solid Gear product – your feet will notice the difference.

Solid Gear 01484 854788

A Speedor ‘Cleanroom’ being installed

South West Norway the company produces ploughs that are renowned for their longevity thanks largely to unique Kverneland steels and the company’s in-house hardening processes. State-of-the-art automation ensures that productivity is very high, and Kverneland Group Operations Norway AS continually invests to ensure it remains a world leader in plough production. One recent development has been the upgrading of six robotic welding cells to use ESAB’s endless wire, which has resulted in improved productivity and significant cost savings. The six welding cells are now consuming ESAB FILARC PZ6105R 1.4 mm welding

wire at a combined rate of 120 tonnes per year. Previously Kverneland was using ESAB’s Marathon Pac bulk drums of welding wire, which contain far more wire than conventional spools, but the recently added ‘endless’ technology features a portable butt-welding device to join the end of one Marathon Pac drum to the start of the next so the robotic welding operation is never interrupted.

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd  0800 389 3152 

Multi purpose Speedors F

rom retaining heat in a typical warehouse to maintaining air quality in a cleanroom, Hart Door Systems’ Speedor range of automatic, high speed, industrial doors continues to show its huge scope of use in industrial and warehouse applications.

Hart is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial doors systems with its high-speed door ‘Speedor’ now a globally recognised brand. In all there are five types of Speedor in addition to the ‘Super’ variant. Speedor Storm offers for exceptional wind resistance, Speedor Mini is for internal applications, Speedor Maxi utilises twin layer fabric for large door openings, Speedor Conveyor is for high frequency conveyor systems and Speedor Twinblade has been designed to meet specific air leakage rates. Hart also produces a broad range of fire and security products for widely

differing applications that require automatic action, speed of operation and protection.

Hart Door Systems  0191 214 0404

Translyft Turbo lifts - NEW high performance lifts for heavy-duty, intensive and specialist environments


ranslyft Lifting Technology is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the lifting sector, providing

bespoke and standard lifting solutions for all commercial environments. We specify, design, install, service and maintain bespoke lift solutions to companies such as Jaguar Land-Rover, BMW, Aldi,and food, pharma and ATEX operators in specialist environments.

In a world that runs 24/7/365 there is an increasing

demand for lifts that can meet the challenges of highly automated cycles and intensive supply chains in manufacturing , distribution and logistics environments.

In response to this growing Translyft has introduced

‘Turbo’ -premium specification lifts manufactured with high grade materials that are capable of withstanding the demands of heavy-duty environments, including high intensity integrated systems that are emerging as a result of the increasing use of robotics and automated warehouse pallet storage and retrieval.

Our standard Turbo lift mechanisms are capable of 10

lift cycles per hour for 16 hours versus our standard 8 lift cycles per hour for 8 hour shifts. However, our bespoke service can specify and supply these lift mechanisms to support continuous usage – with additional features such as continuous running motors and automated hydraulic control switching. Maintenance couldn’t be easier either, with a single central automatic greasing point on every lift.

Wherever and whatever, these premium lifts are built for endurance and high performance. Other industries

might refer to them as ‘Extreme Lifts’. Manufactured in our factory in Denmark , the build quality, durability and guaranteed high performance of these

premium lifts will become the benchmark in intensive, mechanised workplace environments. Lifting Technology Ltd

 0870 904 7775   I Kistler launch a highly

dynamic pressure sensor with 500 kHz natural frequency

f you need to measure high pressure in hydraulic and pneumatics systems or highly dynamic pressure measurements in shock tubes or blast tests, Kistler Instruments has the answer. The new 1,000 bar, miniature Type 603C piezoelectric (PE) pressure sensor has a very high natural frequency of 500 kHz which makes it suited to a wide range of applications where highly dynamic pressure transients need to be measured. A unique characteristic of the 603C PE sensor is its

ability to measure small pressure fluctuations, superimposed on a high static pressure, with exceptional resolution. The integrated acceleration compensation ensures reliable measurements even under highly vibrating conditions. Add long life reliability and calibration at 10% and 100% of FSO making the sensor easily matched to changing needs resulting in exceptionally low cost of ownership. With linearity typically better than ±0.4% FSO and

operating temperature from -196°C to +200°C, the new sensor is big in performance but small in size.

Kistler UK  01256 741550 


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