Pryor puts Industry 4.0 on the map at MACH T

he company’s traceability software can track marked components along the production line – and use these metrics to boost efficiency. Pryor’s mission at this year’s MACH exhibition is to help companies take

BOGE reveals how to implement industry 4.0- compliant compressors


ew white paper reveals how to integrate Industry 4.0- compliant compressed air technology into

manufacturing facilities. Leading compressed air specialist BOGE Compressors has published a new white paper giving manufacturers practical advice on how to easily integrate existing smart compressor technology into their manufacturing facilities. The paper shows how to make the most of the real -

rather than theoretical - value from Industry 4.0 through BOGE’s compressor technology. From standard products with networked features to networked control systems, the paper explains how manufacturers can extend maintenance intervals, use digital technologies to improve service and support capabilities, increase efficiencies and future-proof manufacturing facilities.

BOGE Compressors Ltd  01484 719921 

their first steps into Industry 4.0 – by marking and tracking components through the production process. “Many SMEs consider themselves too small to implement Industry 4.0, but their customers may come to expect it in future,” says Alastair Morris, sales director at Pryor. “The answer is to take small steps, and embrace the core of Industry 4.0 – which is data.” Pryor’s advanced solutions can mark every component on a production line with a unique ID – for example, a barcode. Using Pryor’s traceability software, users can then track each component and capture valuable data throughout the manufacturing process. Visitors to MACH will find Pryor at Stand H18-410.

Pryor Marking Technology  01908 533253

Guide to temperature control efficiencies W

ith industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment (including pumps, chillers and fans) accounting for a significant proportion of

a plant’s total electricity cost, there is clearly a need for industrial activity to be undertaken in as efficient a way as possible. ‘How to reduce your energy costs: A guide to temperature control

efficiencies’ highlights several short and long-term actions that can be easily implemented to start delivering more efficient systems that will reduce both carbon emissions and utility bills.

Richard Metcalfe, sales director at ICS Cool Energy, comments: “Inefficient or under-performing temperature

control equipment can have a dramatic impact on energy usage and therefore costs, yet it can often go unnoticed by industrial end-users with limited in-house technical knowledge and expertise in this area. “Support is available from equipment manufacturers and funding such as The Carbon Trust’s Green Business

Fund. This particular scheme is designed to help small and medium sized businesses to identify energy saving opportunities and offers grant funding for energy efficient equipment, helping them to reduce carbon emissions as part of their corporate social responsibility.

ICS Cool Energy Ltd  023 8052 7300 

Combining expertise to improve safety

RK monitor mounting compact R

K Rose+Krieger now supplies its tried-and-tested RK monitor mounting for operating terminals, monitors and other display devices with a short construction length as the "compact" version.

The new mounting is 50 mm shorter than the respective standard mounting and can be used flexibly and

universally wherever there is restricted available space. The connection for the display devices is established using a universal plate or VESA mount. The end user has

the choice between VESA 50/75 (new) and VESA 75/100. Thanks to the ball joint on the device connection the RK compact monitor holder provides a great degree of

freedom. The variable fixing principle with half shells and reducing inserts for round and square tubes allows installation on profiles and tubes with edge lengths or diameters of 20, 25 or 30 mm.

RK Rose+Krieger  01296 611660 

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ow trading ‘As One’, 3M and Scott Safety’s combined expertise and extensive product knowledge has enabled their safety experts to offer customers an enhanced solution for operating in confined spaces, ensuring individuals are completely protected and achieve a higher standard of safety. With Scott Safety and 3M joining forces, the premier

manufacturers of innovative protective equipment can now offer a complete safety solution. As part of that solution is an increased personal protective equipment offering including fall protection, head and eye protection, portable gas detection and escape and breathing apparatus. The increase in specialist equipment and combined industry experience, will help reduce the risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries in confined spaces. The collaboration of 3M Scott Safety, now means it’s a

one stop shop for all protective equipment including respiratory, positioning the company as a major organisation in the health and safety industry.

Scott Safety  1-704-291-8300 


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