TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION ADVERTORIAL Hot Water Scrubbing & Sweeping at its’ Best T

here are times when only hot water will get the job done. In the most difficult of industrial environments, spillages including oil and grease can seem impossible to remove, particularly when time is of the essence.

Hot Water Pressure Scrubbing Help is at hand however with revolutionary hot water scrubbing innovation from Nilfisk. The Nilfisk CS7010 Hybrid combination machines feature dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions within a heavy guage, industrial steel unibody frame. Water can be heated up to 55 degrees and used within the scrubbing function with or without concentrated chemical. The unit boasts the EcoflexTM dosing system with interchangeable dual detergent cartridges that are refillable with whatever brand of chemical the client prefers. The CS7010 is available in 3 versions all acclaimed for their ecological credentials and

much reduced total cost of ownership; the LPG-Hybrid, the Diesel-Hybrid and the ePower Battery. In all models Nilfisk have replaced power hungry, high maintenance hydraulic systems with efficient, state of the art electric drive technology. There are no large hydraulic reservoirs, filters, oil coolers and leak prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors and valves. Maintenance levels are therefore much reduced with all brushes, brooms and squeegees able to be replaced without the use of tools.

One Pass Cleaning Additional design innovation provides for true one pass cleaning, keeping debris dry without introducing scrubbing solution into the debris hopper. The front dry sweeper hopper is corrosion proof and has a large 285 litre capacity and high lift system. The CS7010 also benefits from the patented DustGuardTM airborne dust suppression technology that minimises dust pollution at brush level.

First Class Productivity Productivity levels are critical for large area cleaning in warehouses and manufacturing plants. The CS7010 delivers unparalleled, low cost performance cleaning 7756 square meters per hour. The trademarked SmartFlowTM system automatically adjusts the solution flow according to the machines speed. Less water and chemicals are used as a result significantly increasing productivity with fewer dump and refill cycles.

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Lowest Cost of Ownership With pressure on costs not letting up savvy managers are looking to acquire equipment that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the machine. Nilfisk’s attention to detail for so many technological design elements has resulted in an outstanding machine that delivers unparalleled low cost of ownership with top level performance.

Greener, cleaner and smarter in all respects, the CS7010 effectively increases fuel economy and runtime efficiency. The most economical solution is now also the most ecological. Nilfisk are one of the world's largest manufacturers of

commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From Tub Vacs through to Grounds Maintenance and Road Sweepers Nilfisk offers a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges.



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