ABLE FlareMasterTM Delivers Sustainable Flare Gas Flow Measurement An Extended Velocity, Dual Redundancy Supervisory System

The fully implemented FlareMasterTM will provide sustainability of measurement under all process conditions, including extreme flare stack blowdown. FlareMasterTM will operate in both high and low temperature applications and flow velocities up to 1000m/sec. This enhancement will also deliver accurate, repeatable performance during low flow, gas stratification episodes.

FlareMasterTM at a Glance T

he latest development in ABLE’s renowned Master Series of instrumentation, the FlareMasterTM constitutes a dual redundancy supervisory system which interfaces

with any base ultrasonic flare gas meter, applying a high level of processing capacity and an advanced layer of analytics to the data being generated. FlareMasterTM was designed to enhance flare meter performance, providing reliable

and repeatable measurement under all process conditions, regardless of extremes in velocity, diversity of gas densities and transducer contamination. FlareMasterTM will also increase the maximum measurable flow rate to velocities approaching 1000m/sec, higher than that achievable with any other flare meter technology.

A Modular System FlareMasterTM comprises two distinct but complimentary modules: Module I equips the flare meter with a full data acquisition and analytics package driven by a Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Controller, providing full gas density inputs to the meter in order to negate the effects of density distorting gas compositions. The application of Module I typically reduces measurement uncertainty to +/- 1%, preventing over-reporting of Green House Gas emissions and reduction of associated financial penalties. An aegex10TM intrinsically safe tablet creates a wireless hazardous area approved interface with the module, allowing personnel to monitor data and analytics in real time. Module II comprises a supplementary, non-invasive sensing array and, in conjunction with Module I, furnishes the flare gas meter with the complete FlareMasterTM dual redundancy supervisory system. Module II can be installed on a ‘live’ flare with minimal mechanical disruption.

• Reliable & repeatable flare gas flow measurement during process upsets and extremes • Effective operation during gas stratification and gas density variation • Flow velocity up to 1000m/sec • Significant reduction in measurement uncertainty • Potential decrease in reported GHG and consequential financial penalties • Can be installed on a ‘live’ process • Primary flare meter serviced without loss of measurement • On site visualisation via ATEX Zone 1 tablet

Able Instruments & Controls Ltd  0118 169407 

CELEBRATING 30 YE S IN B INESS Union Industries appoints new Sales Office Manager to meet increasing demand

new Sales Office Manager to support growing demand from both new and existing customers.

U Helen Holland has joined the Leeds-based company

with more than 30 years’ sales experience. She will oversee Union’s sales force, which is delivering the company’s range of High Speed Door and Industrial Curtain solutions to UK and international markets.

Helen’s responsibilities include the direct management, continuous training, support and motivation of the National sales team, including field-based Technical Sales Engineers and the Sales Intelligence Development Department (SIDD). The role also involves streamlining processes and procedures to enable the business to meet growing demand, along with developing marketing activities to drive brand awareness and sales for Union.

She previously held the positions of Business

Development Manager and Regional Sales Manager for landscaping company Marshalls PLC for 15 years where she was responsible latterly for managing regional sales of stone and porcelain internal surfaces products in Northern England. Prior to this, she handled sales of chemical products across the UK and Europe for SKW Chemicals UK Ltd, a Degussa AG company.

From its origins as a tarpaulin maker and repairer, Union Industries has become the market-leading supplier of Industrial Rapid Roller Doors that are commonly regarded as the best in industry.

The doors are installed in companies across the UK

and Europe to improve productivity, energy management and enhance working environments.

Helen said: “Along with Union’s passion and

commitment to providing the highest quality products and service to its customers, the company’s reputation as


nion Industries, the leading manufacturer of industrial high-speed roller doors in the UK, has appointed a

Helen Holland, Sales Office Manager

a British Manufacturer and market leader in High Speed Industrial Doors attracted me to apply to work for the company. I am looking forward to contributing to the growth and success of the business”

“Union Industries is a very unique company to work for

as the company is employee-owned, so everyone in the Union family shares the responsibility and the success. I am looking forward to supporting, developing and expanding the sales team to meet the growing demand from new and existing customers and ensuring we deliver the best solutions to market, to meet our customer’s needs.”

Union Industries  0113 244 8393 


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