OEM Automatic secures partnership agreement with AGRO AG O

EM Automatic, the country’s leading supplier of components for industrial automation, is proud to announce a partnership agreement with the Swiss

company, AGRO AG. This unique partnership opens up a new area of business for OEM, enabling the company to represent the wide range of AGRO cable glands in the UK. Christian Hochstrasser, Export Manager for AGRO AG says

“AGRO has chosen OEM Automatic because the company has an extensive product portfolio which fits perfectly with our cable glands. “OEM also benefits from a professional sales network

covering the whole of the UK’s industrial automation sector and we are convinced that mutual co-operation will be beneficial for both companies.” Founded in 1953 in Switzerland, AGRO boasts more than 60 years of technical expertise. In 1955 the company

Safe, easy & convenient B

lackfast’s room temperature blacking process is both safe, easy and convenient to use. The process has been

developed for safe and reliable use in metal working facilities, so it is no longer necessary for parts to leave the production site for finishing by an outside contractor. Unlike conventional methods of blacking it is

non-hazardous. Blacking of iron and steel provides a corrosion resistant

finish without dimensional change. This is attractive for machined parts manufactured to tight tolerances, where plating or painting would not be acceptable. As it is very important that the components are clean

and free from grease before using the blacking process, Blackfast also offers a range of degreasers from solvents to water based and rust removers.

Blackfast Chemicals  020 8339 7370 

Wanner International

Hygienic design cable entry

inserted and double-sealed in a confined space. Cables without plugs are quickly and safely inserted in control cabinets and housings and with degrees of protection up to IP66 (certified according to DIN EN 60529: 2000-09). Certifications such as ECOLAB, EN 45545-2 HL3, EN45545-3 E45 / EI30, DNV-GL and others are granted.


Pierced and no longer required membranes are closed with ST-B plugs again. Introduced cables are automatically sealed and strain relieved. The hygienic design does not create any dirt niches. The KEL-DPZ consists of a polyamide body which is entirely encapsulated with elastomer. The KEL-DPZ series from

icotek is halogen and silicone free. Free samples and certificates are available from the manufacturer. icotek GmbH

HSE welding fume alert T T

his is based on recent research by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Mild steel welding fume has now been

reclassified as a human carcinogen. The immediate outcome is that HSE will have a higher expectation of employers. All employers who have staff welding mild steel will be expected to introduce a significantly higher standard of protection and to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of this protection. We understand that insurers will also be looking for improved protection and in some cases have already refused to cover welding processes without significant improvements being put in place.

Key points to note are: • LEV will ALWAYS be required when working inside. • RPE will always be required where LEV does not effectively control fume. • Welding without LEV or RPE in place will not be accepted, even if working outdoors. • HSE will not accept any duration of welding activity where fume is not adequately controlled.

Airbench  01206 791191  

he new size 16 allows an easy and quick cable entry. Up to 34 cables, with diameters of 1.5 - 16.2mm, can be

Wieland’s Safety in motion – functional safety encoders

he new Safe SENC incremental encoder with HTL interface from Wieland Electric is available as an

accessory to the Wieland Samos range or for use with other third party systems and makes it possible to monitor the speed, direction, and position of the motor and/or machine load to provide secure feedback. Unlike a standard encoder, this safety encoder allows speed and angle at the axes to be reliably measured, achieving an unparalleled safety level to PLe (acc. EN13849) and SIL3 (acc. IEC61508). It is suitable for safety rated speed, direction and position monitoring of all machines. The SENC incremental encoder offers up to 1024ppr depending on accuracy requirements and is available in sizes 58mm and 90mm with hollow or solid shafts along with matching cables and accessories. Wieland’s encoder has two separate channels to route

data, one to transmit absolute digital data and the second for incremental analogue data and diagnostic data from the high on board sensors.

Wieland Electric Ltd 01483 531213


achieved the first ever patent for a cable gland product and is now a market leader in cable gland manufacture supplying the renewable energy market, shipyards, oil refineries and food processing industries.

OEM Automatic Ltd  0116 284 9900 

No Problem Metering Non-lubricating Liquids with Hydra-Cell H

ydra-Cell Metering Solutions have solved a pumping problem for one of the world’s largest suppliers of polyurethane foam production equipment. The

Company was using external gear pumps to deliver a curative catalyst in the production of ‘sound deadening’ foam for the automotive industry. The curing agent contains amines but being water-based it is non-lubricating,

a hazard for pumps that rely on dynamic rotary seals that are in contact with the pumped liquid. External gear pumps work best when pumping lubricating fluids, so they did not handle the curing agent well. The pumps were prone to wear, exhibited low efficiency and caused unacceptable high shear within the product. Hydra-Cell API 675 Metering Pumps, with their inherently low shear pumping

action, provided the ideal solution to the problem. Since the application could not risk contamination by the hydraulic fluid.

 01252 816847 

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