Linking Automation and IT IO-Link master for the automation and IT world


recognises ABB’s commitment to helping industries to tackle their biggest challenges – from cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions to reducing the millions of litres of clean drinking water lost through leakage. ABB offers more than 30 courses, several of which are

diverse training course portfolio A

BB has won “Contribution to Skills and Training” at the annual Motion Control Industry (MCI) awards. The prize

CPD (continuous professional development) accredited. Targeting end users, contractors, consultants, machine builders and OEMs, the courses aim to improve engineering expertise, tackle technical challenges and improve operational knowledge of applying variable speed drives and motors. ABB’s courses have upskilled thousands of engineers,

managers and apprentices from a diverse range of industries. Trainees can choose between eLearning, hands- on training sessions at a site of their choice, or courses at ABB’s bespoke training school in Coalville, Leicestershire. For more information on ABB training courses, or to book, visit:

ABB Ltd  01925 741517 

ABB wins national award for

ew AL19-series panel-mount master units from leading automation company ifm electronic act as a gateway between intelligent sensors

and the field bus, and at the same time create a link to the IT world. This means a manufacturer can control production but also monitor the process and machinery with asynchronous diagnostic data. The IT network is accessed via the IoT Ethernet socket on the unit

completely separately from the automation network. Sensor information is transferred to the IT world via the established TCP/IP JSON interface, keeping automation data isolated and free from interruption, because machine uptime is of highest priority. This means that the other priority, of collating system information for maintaining productivity, can be safely sent to the IT and ERP systems.

ifm electronic Ltd  020 8213-0000 

Its Time To Stay Cool At Work – with Snickers Workwear L

ightweight fabrics in the new Topwear range will compliment Snickers Workwear Stretch

Garments perfectly this Summer. The warmer weather will bring a need for

professional craftsmen and women to be cool and dry - to maintain wellbeing and working efficiency on site. That’s why Snickers’ new Topwear for the

summer uses 37.5® fabric technology, which is really good at ‘wicking’ moisture away from the body and keeping you dry.

There’s stylish new Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts in a range of styles and colours that are super-light and

quick-drying with advanced ventilation to keep you cool in the heat. They’ve all got superb, body-mapping designs for an amazing fit, outstanding functionality and long-lasting

comfort – all day, every day. Hultafors Group UK Ltd

Empteezy and Dyce Carriers:

A Partnership Worth Promoting W

ith a focus on quality customer experience from start to finish, Empteezy

Ltd recognised the need for a delivery partner of esteemed reputation which they found in Dyce Carriers. A variety of large steel units are manufactured at the Empteezy factory in Livingston and access to the Dyce Carrier range of vehicles guarantees each product the very safest of journeys.

The latest project saw a three-part

Empteezy compound being delivered to the North of England; with dimensions of around 11 x 8 x 5 metres, the teams worked to create a successful logistical solution.

It is not simply the quality of the fleet that

cements the strong relationship however; for Empteezy, it is important to work with an organisation that has reflected values. Both hold ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations, work to improve on air quality and maintain the highest of environmental standards.

Most importantly, the relationship fostered by both companies allows for a productive partnership. From Depot

Manager to Driver, Dyce Carriers provide a customer facing solution Empteezy can be proud of. Commenting on the successful relationship with Dyce Carriers, MD of Empteezy Bruce Wishart said, “It is

important to us that we work with a company we are proud to be represented by. This is very much what we experience from Dyce Carriers and look forward to working together for a long time.”

This was echoed by Dyce Carriers MD Jason Moir who reiterated, “Being a family run business, our values and

principles are very important to us. We have such a fantastic working relationship with Empteezy because they have such a strong set of core values, that are very much in-line with our own.”

Empteezy  01506 430 309 


Safeguarding assets, staff and customers

• Not identifying your security needs

y far the biggest mistake businesses make is not clearly defining what the risks, either potential or

actual, are for all of the stakeholders that have touch points with your business that you need to guard against. No business is the same and it is therefore impossible to use a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. To avoid this risk tap in to the expertise on offer from

an SIA accredited security service provider that is approved to supply manned guarding services will mitigate against this. The SIA provides helpful advice of what you need to know about sourcing a security services partner.

• Not securing or controlling access points

Many businesses have more than one entrance or exit. Each of these pose a security risk. To limit the security risk ensure that all access points are secured, controlled and fitted with the best security systems.

TCFM  01737 814 016 

  01484 854788 

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