HBM Introduces Latest Addition to CFT Piezoelectric Range F

or applications that require the coverage of a wide measuring range, such as presses with a large force

SMC’s EX600W - the

world’s first Integrated Wireless Valve System

Wins Best New Technology Award at the Motion Control Industry (MCI) Awards Evening

of their integrated wireless valve manifold system – EX600W. The system was initially developed following a request from a large Japanese automotive manufacture, with a major production plant in the UK, who wanted to eliminate the issue of production downtime due to communication cable failure within a robot. Power and air can be supplied very robustly in a robot


through the robot arm but work fatigue of an industrial communication cable is a recognised issue. The EX600W wireless manifold is a master and slave

configuration that connects up to 127 slave modules to the master over a 10metre radius and operates on band width of up to 2.4GHz. By simply eliminating the communications cable completely EX600W users can now benefit from both reduced installation time and costly production downtime. restyling.jsp?is_main=yes&lang=en&ctry=UK

SMC Pneumatics (U.K.) Ltd  01908 563888 

MC Pneumatics (UK) Ltd are leading the way in numerous robot applications following the introduction

measurement range, HBM - a market leader in the field of test and measurement - has introduced the new CFTplus force transducer, which features improved accuracy and calibration in three measuring ranges. Designed for industrial applications, particularly within the

manufacturing sector, the new CFTplus series is calibrated for the measuring ranges; 1%, 10% and 100%, and can be used immediately on installation. Featuring a high degree of rigidity and a rugged design,

the latest series is particularly useful for use in adverse environments. Elimination of drift, which is often seen as a frustrating effect, is also dramatically reduced, providing the user with more accurate results. Designed with the user in mind, the mechanical connection has a flange screw on both sides.

HBM United Kingdom Ltd  01525 304980 

Product Inspection Guide - Building a Complete Program F

ully understanding product inspection can be a challenge, from deciding which equipment to install and where, to how to optimise

production line efficiency whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. Designed to include a technical overview and helpful insights,

METTLER TOLEDO’s product inspection guides can help manufacturers to develop comprehensive vision inspection, checkweighing, metal detection and x-ray inspection programmes. Each guide explains the basic principles of the technology

and provides support in selecting the best systems to inspect products for a full range of quality checks, helping to reduce costly product recalls.

Whether you’re detecting or removing contaminants, checking package weight and completeness, or maintaining

label and package integrity, product inspection solutions help boost both product safety and brand protection. Download the guides by visiting:

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

4Sight Automatic Print Inspection System ‘Gets the Message’

launch of the first fully-automatic smart vision inspection system for printed coding and marking on food, pharmaceutical and other consumer goods packaging.

A The 4Sight Automatic Print Inspection System

achieves significant savings in day-to-day production stoppages for producers. A breakthrough innovation achieved in the AutoCoding 4Sight software, operating on SICK’s Inspector P smart vision camera, enables direct closed-loop communication of the printed message from any brand of printer using standard inkjet, laser or thermal transfer technologies.

The application, one of the first to be

developed using SICK’s AppSpace software platform, has delivered an error-proof, high-speed inspection system for printed codes such as dates, batch and line numbers. The new direct communication concept cuts out costly ‘nuisance stops’ and the time-consuming set-up that conventional vision systems need to be taught thousands of images and fonts, as well as the context of the surrounding packaging design affecting the inspection.

“Working with SICK and using the power of the SICK AppSpace development environment, we were able to

draw on the strengths of AutoCoding to think about print inspection systems in a completely new way,” explains Mike Hughes, Managing Director of AutoCoding Systems. “The result is a directly networked connection between the printer and the smart camera, coupled with the 4Sight software’s unique ability to self-optimise the code inspection process.”

SICK (UK) Ltd 34  01727 831121 JUNE 2019 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT 

groundbreaking collaboration between SICK and AutoCoding Systems has resulted in the

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces new high-performance vacuum pumps:

Roots pumps of the HiLobe® series set new standards • Suitable for many low and medium vacuum applications

• Short pump-down times – ideal for load-lock chambers or leak detection systems

• Powerful and energy-efficient series – compact design, intelligent interface technology

innovative Roots pumps of the HiLobe series which can be used for numerous industrial vacuum applications such as electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces or freeze drying. The pumps of the HiLobe series are of particular interest for fast evacuations (load-lock chambers or leak detection systems). Furthermore, they are suitable for use in coating applications. More information can be found here:


Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH 


feiffer Vacuum, one of the world's leading provider of vacuum technology, is presenting the new and

 0116 234 5069 

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