Demag KBK extending cranes for optimum use of workspace


Picking at Kardex Remstar F

or a growing number of wholesalers – whether they are focused on the B2B or B2C market – they are

experiencing bottlenecks in their traditional fulfillment operations. There simply isn’t enough time for an order picker to take a trolley up and down past endless rows of racking so that the products can be picked, packed and dispatched quickly enough. What these warehouses need is an efficient, dynamic and flexible system for fast order fulfillment. Kardex introduces their FramePick4Wholesale - an

efficient goods-to-person solution that enables wholesale companies to reduce the distances walked in their warehouses by as much as 65%. The combination of smart and intuitive technologies virtually eliminates picking errors, plus intelligent order batching enables a fourfold increase in the productivity of order pickers – and all without having to install a complex system of rigid conveyors or investing in other costly material handling equipment.

Kardex Systems UK Ltd  01992 557237 

FramePick4Wholesale delivers Faster Order

emag Cranes & Components has added overhung and extending configurations to its KBK Aluline light

crane system. Such solutions are designed for applications where there is a requirement to move loads beyond the crane runway span dimension. They enable operators to perform lifting and positioning tasks between pillars and columns or deposit loads in aisles and free areas between assembly zones and lines. Depending on the load capacity, design and profile section size, the range can be extended by up to 3,100 mm. Crane extensions to either side of the track runway span dimension may also be specified, creating an even greater range of crane coverage. Compared with Demag’s conventional KBK crane kit, this configuration has a lower headroom dimension,

allowing users to benefit from 120 to 220 mm more hook path, dependent on profile size, for improved utilisation of space below the crane girders.

Demag Cranes & Components  01285 676100 

ESAB’S comprehensive portfolio of PPE optimises safety in the workplace for today’s welders


SAB Welding and Cutting has long been a health and safety pioneer, producing PPE which optimises the removal of

welding fumes to ensure a safe environment for all operators. Among the many products ESAB supplies are the Sentinel™

A50 and Sentinel A50 Air high-performance automatic welding helmets. The latter of which incorporates a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) unit. The Sentinel’s radical design incorporates ergonomic headgear and maximum adjustability to increase productivity, functionality and usability. The Sentinel A50’s high-tech features include an almost infinitely adjustable

5-point headgear, a 100 x 60mm viewing area, an externally activated Grind Button, a colour touch screen control panel and a front-loading convex cover lens that comes in different colour options and changes in 10 seconds.

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd

Ultra slim permanent magnet brake S

 01992 702442 

G Transmission has supplied a robotics manufacturer with a new Ø56 diameter x

24.5mm Permanent Magnet Brake. The client, who has applications such as servo motors and cobots, based in Asia with locations across the world, has worked with SG Transmission for a number of years. Adam Russell, the lead design engineer on the

project said: “This is our sixth brake we have designed and manufactured for this successful blue chip electronics Company since we began working with them four years ago.” SG Transmission customises electromagnetic

clutches, brakes and magnets to meet the customer requirements.

SG Transmission  01388 770 360

Rear mounting option available for Han® metal hoods and housings


he metal hoods and housings of the Han® B, EMC and M series now offer rear mounting options for contact inserts, a solution which greatly

simplifies the preassembly of interfaces for control cabinets. With the new Han® metal housings, it is possible to lock the prefabricated

inserts directly from the rear into the bulkhead mounting housing from the interior of a control cabinet. In the past, Han® inserts had to be conducted from the inside of the cabinet through the panel cutout, before they could be preassembled outside. After that, they were pushed back and fixed into the bulkhead mounted housing. In the newly designed metal hoods and housings, the insulation bodies are

inserted into a plastic holding frame that snaps safely into the aluminum die- cast enclosure, supported by a lug.

Harting  01604 827500   

that significantly simplifies the configuration, adjustment and diagnosis of many IO-Link Sensors. Making every minute matter. The SCTL55 can aid troubleshooting and improve your


production processes by providing data on sensor status, including current temperature, quality of run and process data and easily change the operating sensor parameters, such as switch point mode, sensing distance, timing functions, output configuration (PNP/NPN/push-pull, NO/NC), to better meet the process requirements. The smartconfigurator operates on the Android

platform and is housed in a polycarbonate body rated IP30 and comes complete with a 5.5” HD touch screen and dedicated apps to help you access advanced diagnostics, check operating hours, number of detections, operating cycles, alarms events and much more.

Carlo Gavazzi  01276 854110 


Smart Configurator Making a laborious task easy

arlo Gavazzi have launched the SCTL55 IO-Link smart configurator, a user-friendly wireless handheld solution

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