Brendan Beaver manager of Metrel UK, the supplier of innovative test solutions. “He went on to say “if RCDs fail out of the box, don’t

Ellis secures red hot Chile project E

llis Patents has secured an order to supply its Vulcan+ cable cleats for installation in an $800million desalination

plant being built as part of the $2.5billion expansion of BHP’s Spence copper mine in Chile’s Atacama desert.

Ellis’ Vulcan+ cable cleats are amongst the North

Yorkshire company’s most popular products; and were specified by BHP due to their exceptional corrosion resistant properties, which were seen as vital due to the project’s proximity to the sea and the high salt content of the air around the plant.

Kelly Brown, Ellis’ export sales manager, said: “Latin

America is noted for being one of the hardest export markets to break into, but the success we’re enjoying there pays testament to our tried and tested method of fully researching a new market before entering it.”

Ellis Patents  01944 758395 

ESP  01527 515150

surge protectors? Of course there is the indicator, but things go wrong during manufacture. The 18th Edition drives us to fit them, but at the end of the day I am responsible should a device I fit fail to operate during some overvoltage event. There seems no way I can protect myself” Sympathising Brendan said he could test them.

Metrel multi-function testers have offered a SPD function test for many years. It is a simple test displaying the result as an AC equivalent for recording.

Metrel UK  01924 245000 

ESP targets professional CCTV sector E

How do you check those surges? A

n engineer recently and asked me, how do you test Surge Protection Devices (SPD)?” said

SP’s IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV range was developed to satisfy the growing demand from customers and contractors,

and to meet the needs of a changing market place which is moving from analogue to IP.

The IP POE CCTV range is designed to offer superior, reliable

and straightforward installation solutions for a range of applications from domestic through to larger and more complex commercial projects. The range features POE (Power-Over- Ethernet) which enables the camera and power feed to be wired in Cat5e cable up to 100 metres without the need for additional power, which makes installation much more convenient. A single Ethernet cable provides both the power and the HD digital feed, with just one cable per camera.  Introducing the next-generation EV charge controller A

new, safer and more cost-effective Mode-3 electric vehicle charge station controller has been developed by the Bender Group.

The compliant, smart-grid-capable CC613 EV charge controller monitors the integrity of an

electric vehicle charge station. Conforming with OCPP 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 - CC613 communicates with the electric vehicle and backend system, monitoring charge station internal hardware, user interfaces and the connection between the electric vehicle and charge station. With inbuilt Dynamic load management (DLM) capability, it allows for smart, optimal and priority distribution of the available power among all networked charging points.

CC613 incorporates a host of features, enabling the manufacture of safe, connected,

compliant charge stations: • Equipped with ISO15118 Power Line Communication for plug and charge, and networking the charge controller with an energy management system

• Updated to new IEC 62955 standards for AC residual current monitoring, enabling the use of a type A RCD, eliminating the need for the costly type B RCDs

• Prevents the risk of electric shock via continuous PE monitoring for earth connection faults

• Integrated Ethernet port and 4G modem for simple, easy integration with the existing network

• DC fault current detection with an externally connected current transformer • Emergency opener for safer removal and disconnection from the charge station

This new device is a successor to CC612, one of the first proven EV charge controllers to

the e-mobility market. Widely used by third party charge station manufacturers, and in Bender’s Chargespot Berlin charge station, this new upgraded device, is a welcome addition to any new or existing charge station manufacturer.

As the demand for compliant charging infrastructure increases, the EV charge market

needs a safe, secure, easy to integrate controller which is guaranteed to connect to a variety of back-end systems and host software.

Designed by the market leaders in electrical safety technology, this new device is eagerly

anticipated by charge station manufacturers and looks set to be designed into charge station projects world-wide.

As with previous generations, free software updates are still available. For more information contact Bender UK.


Bender UK  01229 480123  


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