Intelligent building technology

PLCs, DIN rail power supplies, I/O modules, interface modules, as well as HMI panels, and also allows the interconnecting of technical systems in modern buildings. Conrad also covers the network

technology area, with network switches, WiFi adapters / cards, WiFi repeaters, network hardware, routers and powerline products. These can be wireless or wired.

SECURITY TECHNOLOGY The solutions that Conrad offers in the smart building sector include, for example, a series of remote switches and a wide range of window and gate drives. With modern room automation solutions, these products can be used to optimise security technology, lighting and sun protection exactly to the respective requirements. From the replacement of individual


n the second quarter of 2020, Conrad Electronic is focusing increasingly on

building technology and the further expansion of its professional Sourcing Platform. There are currently 380,000 building technology products and comprehensive product ranges available from many leading manufacturers, including Brennenstuhl, Bachmann, Siemens, Schneider Electric, WAGO, Phoenix Contact, Lapp, Homematic IP and AVM. In addition to the latest product ranges, Conrad will come up with special offers and will present case study examples for individual solutions in the building technology area. The B2B distributor offers a wide range

of electrical engineering products for the intelligent supply and control of buildings

while simultaneously conserving resources. This includes solutions for networking building technology, sun protection for all rooms, extensive switch ranges, numerous door communication functions, energy management as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. With building automation systems, all functions can be controlled, regulated, monitored and adapted. The numerous programmable logic

controllers (PLC), network technology and smart building solutions in Conrad’s product range can be customised to the given requirements when developing intelligent, networked and flexible building automation solutions. The range of control technology covers the product categories of small controls,

Space-saving lever lift handles A

s major manufacturers in enclosure/cabinet hardware,

EMKA are aware of the space pressures often experienced by specialist panel builders – to this end they are pleased to offer very narrow vertical lever locking handles which reduce door margins to a minimum and can operate either inside or external to the gasket sealed area, while maximising the usable door area. The EMKA 1099 is just 20mm wide and operates a twin rod mechanism with the option to add a padlock. Where an integral cylinder lock with a pop-out lever handle is required, then their 1190 program at 32mm or 35mm wide offer attractive solutions. Likewise, their sleek 38mm wide 1390 series lift handle keeps the rod lock closure mechanism well to the outer door margin.


components and parts in renovation projects to complete new concepts, Conrad offers a comprehensive range of professional solutions for building installations, such as electrical installation materials, distribution cabinet technology, power cables and three-phase current technology for efficient operations. "We understand our customers' need for

enhanced security and consider this to be one of the important issues that undoubtedly needs to be addressed," says Ralf Bühler, CSO at Conrad Electronic. "As a result, our alarm and security range offer video surveillance solutions, radio and alarm systems and access control systems from well-known manufacturers. Optimal lighting concepts for

productive work are of long-term benefit for companies and can be realised with Conrad's wide range of lighting technology. Wall and ceiling lights as well as rail systems, outdoor lighting and energy-efficient lamps are available.

Conrad Electronic

Swinghandle cam mounting T

he DIRAK Swinghandle system from FDB Panel Fittings is now

enhanced with the introduction of their 3-440 Bearing Plate RS bases. These intermediary mounting accessories enable use of swinghandles with a single point polyamide latching cam or alternatively with standard cam and

multi-point rod locking if required. Installation is quick and simple with initial clip attachment to the swinghandle base, then twin screw fastening for security and sealing. These internal support plates secure the swinghandle through doors of 1mm up to 3mm thickness and provide 270° limitation with the locking position engaged at 90°. The “type a” bearing plate incorporates a black polyamide cam, while “type b” uses standard cams or 3-point adapter for connection into a rod closure system.


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