Strengthens Team as UK Expansion Continues

expand in the UK. Aaron Oddy has been appointed as a new sales engineer with responsibility for generating new hardware sales enquiries, plus on-site surveys and the management of key accounts. Louis McGarry, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL UK


commented: “We are delighted to welcome Aaron to our growing team. Aaron’s background in the industrial UPS sector will make him well placed to support our sales and marketing effort here at CENTIEL, as we continue to expand in the UK.” Aaron Oddy, sales engineer at CENTIEL UK confirmed:

“CENTIEL occupies a unique position in the market. It’s industry leading, 4th generation truly modular UPS solutions stand out for their Swiss-built quality and maximum levels of availability and the team are focused on providing trusted advice to clients to ensure critical loads are protected optimally.”

Centiel 

eading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK, has further strengthened its team as the company continues to


C.K Japanese Pry Bar 10” (T4312) – The Professional’s Tool Bag Essential

esigned to complete a multitude of tasks quickly and effectively, C.K’s new premium quality Japanese Pry Bar 10” (T4312) also conveniently slots into any tool bag for easy transportation. Hot forged from a carbon steel alloy

and hardened for exceptional strength and durability, this superior Japanese Pry Bar features a 46mm wide tip for precise removal with minimal damage of mouldings, skirting boards, cavity wall nails and is also perfect for quickly prising apart floor boards and other materials.

Regularly working with professionals gives C.K valuable insight into what works best, allowing the launch of

innovative products that can be relied upon to do the job quickly and efficiently. This uniquely designed Japanese Pry Bar is no exception, offering fantastic features and benefits to meet the demands of busy professionals.

Precision engineered to offer maximum torque and leverage, the C.K Japanese Pry Bar combines optimum

performance and superior durability, with a solid construction built to withstand pressure and wear. Ideal for a multitude of tasks, whether electrical, building renovations/DIY work, or for industrial applications, the C.K Japanese Pry Bar (T4312) is set to become an essential addition to any professional’s tool kit.

C.K. Tools

Ideal Industries invests in a safer future with student safe isolation kits


deal Industries, the global leader in electrical accessories, tools and equipment, has launched a

Student Safe Isolation Kit for trainee electricians. The move follows a knowledge sharing programme

that has seen Ideal Industries engage with further education providers to contribute training and equipment. Brett Smyth, General Manager of Ideal Industries UK

and EMEA explains: “Poor safety behaviours around isolations is a real problem in the electrical industry, with only one in five electricians carrying a safe isolation kit in their tool bag.

“We want to help address that and designing a Safe

Isolation Kit that has everything a trainee electrician needs and ensuring it’s available at an accessible price is a significant milestone.” The new Student Safe Isolation Kit from Ideal

Industries includes a Vol-Con® Digital Voltage Tester, which tests for both AC and DV voltage. It provides a visual and audible alert for continuity and non-contact voltage and features low impedance to eliminate ghost voltages. Costing £58, the kit also includes a medium circuit breaker lock out kit, a universal MCB lockout device, a safety padlock, re-usable lockout tags and a marker pen, all contained in a handy pouch. The launch of the new kit has been welcomed by

training providers. Adrian Davey, trainer at Steve Willis Training Centres, comments: “The only way to protect operatives on site is to test for residual current, lock out and tag the isolation. Making a safe isolation kit specifically designed for and accessible to students is a very positive step.”

Ideal Industries 


Antimicrobial wiring accessories – helping to fight infection

nfection control is one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare sector. Anyone operating within and

supplying to this sector, is required to work with products that meet the demands for hygiene and safety, and that includes electrical products. Switch plates, such as light switches, dimmers and

sockets have one of the highest touch rates in any environment, so are likely to hold a significant number of microbes on their surfaces. The use of products with antimicrobial properties will have a part to play to help inhibit the spread of infection. Scolmore’s antimicrobial wiring accessories - Mode, Mode

Part M and Polar - are all manufactured using Urea Formaldehyde, which has similar inherent properties to antimicrobial additives that inhibit the growth of infectious diseases. When independently tested, all products achieved a 99.99% kill off rate across all four types of the strains of bacteria – MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and Klebsiella Pneumonia.

Scolmore  01827 63454 


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