Ultrasonic leak detectors for HVAC/R, mechanical and electrical inspection B

eha-Amprobe has introduced new ultrasonic diagnostic tools for

HVAC/R, mechanical and electrical inspection and troubleshooting, the Beha-Amprobe ULD-400-EUR Series Ultrasonic Leak Detectors. Combining advanced filtering technology with wide ultrasonic frequency response, the ULD-400-EUR Series allows users to quickly and easily locate gas leaks in the most noisy and challenging environments. They are ideal for testing compressed air systems, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, valves tanks and pipes, heat exchangers, boilers and condensers, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and motors and machinery. Compressed air is so widely used that

it is often regarded as the fourth utility and it is the most expensive energy source across all types of manufacturing and process plants. Any leaks can represent a significant source of wasted energy in industrial or commercial environments and can result in

clearly seen on the large LCD display bargraph and, by listening to the converted audible sound emitted via the headphones, helps identify the source of the leak and differentiate between air leaks and electric discharges. In extremely noisy environments,

where there is strong ultrasonic noise generated by running machinery or equipment, the Receiver’s filter function can filter out up to three main noise frequencies which would otherwise hide the noise of the leak. When working in unpressurised

unnecessary high bills.When equipment begins to fail due to an air or gas leak or vibration, or electrical discharge, the leakage point emits an ultrasonic sound wave that is above the natural range of human hearing. The Beha-Amprobe ULD-400-EUR

Series Ultrasonic Leak Detectors convert this ultrasonic sound into an audible range signal that can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the equipment failure.The strength of the leak can be

The ULD-400-EUR Series allows users to quickly and easily locate gas leaks in the most noisy and challenging environments

systems, or if the pressure is not sufficient to detect or verify a leak with the Receiver alone, an optional Transmitter can be used to generate the ultrasonic signal. This approach can be used, for example, to detect air and water leaks in car windscreens and side windows, in fluid and gas tanks, and in building windows, doors and roofs.



ntil 30th June 2020 and while stocks last at its authorised distributors,

Fluke UK is offering the Fluke T6-1000 KIT2 based on the T6-1000 Electrical Tester which features FieldSense Technology, making troubleshooting safer and more efficient by allowing electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements, not just detection, without test leads. The Fluke T6-1000 KIT2 includes a T6-1000 with a free AC285 SureGrip Alligator Clip Set and a free C150 Soft Carrying Case, offering a saving of £49 over the combined individual recommended retail prices. Troubleshooting electrical systems can

be time-consuming and potentially dangerous because it requires access to metallic contact points. The Fluke T6- 1000 Electrical Tester makes it possible to take reliable true-rms measurements in crowded junction boxes or along conductors with inaccessible end points, saving time, minimising potential errors, and greatly reducing the possibility of arc flash. The rugged testers are 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV safety rated and feature an easy to read display with a backlight. With the Fluke T6-1000 tester,


electricians can be safer by measuring true-RMS AC voltage up to 1000V and AC current to 200A through the open fork without test leads or exposed conductors. They can be faster: With no need to open panels or remove wire nuts, electricians can speed through troubleshooting. They can be more efficient: Simultaneously measure and display voltage and current. The T6- 1000 also measures frequency. Finally they can be everywhere: With the widest open fork in the industry, the T6 testers measure up to 11.7mm dia. wires with

current up to 200A. The large Fluke AC285 SureGrip alligator clips feature nickel-plated steel jaws with a multi- purpose tooth pattern to grip anything from fine gauge wire to a 20mm bolt when measuring AC/DC voltages to 1000V, or resistance to 100 kOhms, with test leads. SureGrip accessories are designed to

improve steadiness in slippery hands. Rubber overmoulded surfaces and finger-hugging curves give the user a comfortable, reliable grip on the accessory so they can focus on making an accurate measurement. The C150 soft carrying case is a

durable, zippered carrying case with a belt loop and high quality polyester exterior. The inner pocket is designed to store test leads or small accessories. Other money-saving Fluke Spring

Special offers include a Pocket Thermal Camera with a 2-pole tester and backpack, multifunction installation tester kits, clamp meter and 2-pole tester kits, and DMM kits.



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