New surge protection devices with ergonomically designed housings A

vailable from specialist distributor Switchtec is the new DAC/DDC range

of AC and DC Surge Protection Devices from Citel. Available in Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3, for use with AC, DC and PV applications the SPDs are suitable for use on all earthing system including TN, TT/TN, TNS and TN-C-S. The SPD’s are available in Single Pole, Single Phase, 3 Phase and 3 Phase & Neutral. Citel DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardized distribution panel or control cabinets. The New DAC & DDC range of SPD’s is

born from Citel’s 80 years’ experience in the manufacture of high-quality surge protection devices. With collaboration from Citel’s manufacturing and design locations in France, Germany, America and China, the new range was designed with key design features including security, performance, design and ergonomics, SPD Knowledge and warranty. Citel have designed this range to meet

the most extreme constraints, beyond that asked by the IEC/EN standards. In

Spark Gap), along with their own design of varistors to obtain the best performance and reliability for their SPD’s. Key performance features of the new

DAC/DDC range include an improved ergonomic design, which incorporates a quick release retaining clip for the replaceable SPD modules. Traditionally the modules were retained by mechanical resistance alone, which made them difficult to remove, the new DAC/DDC uses a spring clip, designed into the modules housing which allows for quick and effortless module replacement. Further features include, improved

order to ensure total safety, the DAC/DDC series are designed to provide a safe disconnection, high resistance to fire and short circuit and built with a high mechanical robustness. The DAC/DDC series utilises technology unique available to Citel, who are specialists in the manufacture of Gas Discharge Tubes (Gas

plastic materials used to increase the products strength and rigidity, whilst also taking into account environmental concerns with the use of Halogen free plastics. A larger disconnection indicator allows the operator to easily and quickly identify if the SPD has come to End of Life.




ower management company Eaton has reached a landmark in LED

luminaire surge protection. More than two million of its MTL LS range surge protection devices (SPD) are now installed worldwide, helping to ensure that critical LED lighting circuits continue to function uninterrupted by transient power fluctuations. Commenting on this milestone, Aneesh

VN, associate product line manager, Surge, says: “Ensuring electrical safety in critical applications is a key motivator for Eaton. The fact that millions of our MTL LS05K surge protection devices are now protecting LED lighting systems around the world is testament to the proven capabilities of these electrical safety devices to support OEM system and equipment designers and deliver genuine benefits for end users.” With LED systems being commonly

specified for applications ranging from street lights and traffic lights to safety signage and visual displays, it is important to ensure that they are sufficiently robust to withstand fluctuations in power supply. Such failures may not only have serious safety implications depending on the


application, but can also result in substantial downtime and maintenance costs while the point of failure is traced and repaired. The MTL LS05K range of surge

protection devices from Eaton has been designed to prevent damage or failure of LED systems as a result of transient over voltages due to lightning strike or switching surges in diverse industrial and commercial applications. MTL LS05K devices are equipped with internal overcurrent and thermal fuses and can endure large over-voltage swings that would damage most other SPDs. They provide protection with a maximum surge rating of 10kA (8/20µs) between Line/Neutral, Line/Ground and Neutral/Ground modes and offer a high performance-to-size ratio for 120V- 277V, 347V and 440-480V systems. Fully automatic in operation, LS05K devices react immediately, clamping

voltage surges without causing undue leakage losses under normal operation. These surge protection devices employ a unique “all mode” protection, which delivers a low limiting voltage and maximum continuous operating voltage. They will also withstand temporary over voltage (TOV) events. Housed in a compact, IP66 rated

enclosure, MTL LS05K SPDs can be accommodated into confined spaces as part of the overall LED system design, whether for internal or external use. With parallel and serial connection models available, MTL LS05K devices offer designers and specifiers maximum flexibility coupled with proven performance in the field.



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