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Megger launches cable fault locator T

he new SMART THUMP ST25-30 portable cable test set from Megger offers an automated test sequence for identifying, pre-locating and pinpointing cable faults complemented by automatic interpretation of the test results. This functionality, together with the test set’s advanced safety features, means that even non-specialist users can obtain dependable results easily, quickly and safely. Advanced users are also catered for and can customise all functions through the instrument’s innovative and intuitive user interface. Capable of delivering 1600 J at 12.5 or 25 kV, and of performing proof/burn tests at up to 30 kV, the new SMART THUMP ST25-30 has been developed specifically to meet the need for a convenient and comprehensive test set for use on 11 kV to 35 kV medium-voltage distribution systems. Typical users include utility companies, private and municipal network operators, specialist service companies, port authorities and petrochemical companies. “Delays in locating cable faults can be very costly, yet fault location is

usually considered to be something that can only be carried out quickly and efficiently by engineers with specialist expertise,” said Tony Walker, applications engineer of Megger. “Our new SMART THUMP ST25-30 changes all of that. With its built-in intelligence, it guides users through the fault location process and provides results that are easy to understand. Consequently, even inexperienced users can find cable faults faster and more accurately, which means big reductions in cost and disruption.” Megger’s new SMART THUMP ST25-30 incorporates an impulse generator (thumper), a time-domain reflectometer (TDR) and a large colour display screen. In common with other recent Megger products for power applications, it uses E-tray technology which provides a consistent user interface and thereby substantially reduces training requirements.



rysmian Group will supply cables to NNB Generation Company Limited - a subsidiary of EDF Energy for the twin pressurised water reactor (EPR) at their Hinkley Point C (HPC) site. Hinkley Point C will be the first in a new generation of UK nuclear power stations, marking a significant moment in the revitalisation of the UK’s nuclear power industry and will provide a clean, secure and affordable source of electricity for around five million homes. The agreement, worth more than €20 million, includes a total of more than 2,000 km of Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Instrumentation and Control cables specifically designed for nuclear applications and in compliance with CPR regulations for fire rating.

Cables will be manufactured in the Group’s plant located in Paron, France, the Group’s excellence centre for the development of nuclear cables. Deliveries are planned to begin in Q4 2021. This project does not only represent an important step ahead in the UK to secure a diverse energy mix that balances the needs of low carbon emissions, security of supply and affordability for the future, but it is also a milestone for Prysmian in its strategy of pursuing growth in the nuclear market. “We are very proud to take part in the increasingly strategic transformation of the power industry”, stated Francesco Fanciulli, Prysmian Group Business Energy EVP. “We pursue business opportunities where the competitive edges of our value-added offer can be fully exploited, offering competent project management, best-in-class service to partners and fully compliant products”, he added. Prysmian nuclear cables deliver nothing short of flawless technological excellence. They have been specially developed to withstand every stress that comes with the harsh and challenging environments inside nuclear power plants and rely on dedicated certifications as well as Nuclear Quality Assurance supervision to live up to the high expectations for safety and reliability of the worldwide market.

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Measurement system for DC meters used in EV chargers


anisense has announced a partnership with leading German power

instrumentation company, ZES ZIMMER to deliver highly accurate, stable DC meter test systems. Comprising the

Danisense DS600 current sense transducer paired with the LMG600 power analyser from ZES ZIMMER, the system is already being used by renowned German standards organization, VDE, to calibrate and certify DC meters used in EV charging stations which are proliferating as consumers switch to electric cars.

ZES ZIMMER’s LMG600 series power analysers provide accurate DC measurement across a current input range of 500uA - 32A rms. But EV charging stations supplying hundreds of kilowatts and other applications such as DC micro grids require currents in the hundreds of amps. Danisense current transducers enable the system to measure up to 2000A rms (3000A peak or DC) and even higher. DC meter accuracy is especially important, since customers will be charged on how much they use, and stability over temperature and other environmental factors is also important. Patrick Fuchs, business development manager at ZES ZIMMER said, “Danisense transducers are widely-regarded as delivering a very accurate, repeatable measurement. We have been able to integrate the DS600 series into our DC metering solution, making it simple for organisations to set up their test program without requiring any other equipment.” Loic Moreau, VP marketing at Danisense added:

“We are very pleased to partner with ZES ZIMMER to deliver this easy-to-use DC measurement package. ZES ZIMMER is recognized as a technical leader in the field of power analysis, and the fact that VDE is using the solution should give consumers massive confidence that they are being correctly billed.”

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