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Outdoor DC UPS with 10-year LiFePO4 battery T

he extremely robust DC emergency power supply UPSI- 2406IP-26UW from Bicker Elektronik, Donauwoerth/Germany,

Cost-effective thermal protectors from SEKI Controls now in stock A

range of bi-metallic protectors and thermal cut-outs from SEKI Controls, are now readily available at ATC Semitec. Competitively priced and highly reliable, the SEKI

thermal protectors, are ideal for limiting excessively high temperatures- protecting a wide range of home and industrial appliances from internal and external damage. Providing protection and temperature control from

50°C to 180°C, they are available in calibration steps of 5K and a set-point tolerance of ±5K. Available in either a plastic casing (ST range) or metal

casing (CK range) - the ST range includes features such as moisture resistance and customisable lead-wires and unlike thermal fuses, the ST series cut-outs reset automatically, allowing them to be used as a permanent safety component. Rob Savin, ATC Semitec’s Managing Director commented “We are very excited about this range of thermal protectors from SEKI Controls, which have already proved to be popular with a number of major UK manufacturers. Their small and compact designs allow for simple integration into a wide range of products. When their high quality is combined with cost-effective pricing, it is a winning combination for manufacturers of products such as battery packs, domestic and industrial appliances.”

ATC Semitec • 01606 871680

guarantees the uninterruptible 24 VDC power supply for sensitive and process-relevant control systems, embedded IPCs, gateways, motor drives, actuators, sensors and safety technology in harsh industrial and mobile applications. Integrated in a high-quality aluminium housing with IP65/IP67 protection, the well-engineered control and charging electronics in combination with the LiFePO4 high-performance battery pack ensure 24/7 continuous operation over many years. The “UPSGen2 Configuration” software included in the scope of delivery completes the “Made in Germany” DC UPS system for demanding applications. Flexible DC emergency power supply for 8-36V input voltage The UPSI-2406IP-26UW not only protects against power failures and flicker, but also in the event of

voltage fluctuations. On the input side, a highly efficient DC/DC converter with a wide-range input from 8 to 36 VDC ensures flexible use.

Bicker • +49 (0) 906 70595-37 •

Wieland’s Samos® PRO – THE Compact Modular Safety Controller

controller for machine and automation control. Part of the samos® range of safety systems, it has multi-functional base modules that are modularly interlinked, extending its safety functions module by module. The compact design of samos® PRO means it offers the


highest possible degree of flexibility, consisting of function modules of only 22.5mm wide and programmable safety solutions from a width of 45mm. These modules can be easily plugged together and are available as input/output, input or relay output units and gateways in conjunction with the controller. A

single contact terminal also fulfils CAT. 4 (EN954-1) requirements. The range also offers universal I/O which is configured on samos® PLAN.

Wieland Electric Ltd.

New icotek FDA-compliant cable entry plates available from Foremost Electronics

KEL-DPZ-HD has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

uses an FDA-compliant material in accordance with food approval 1935/2004 / EG and (EU) 10/2011. The new KEL-DPZ-HD are

manufactured in the signal colour blue providing users with clear visual colour recognition and are free of halogen and silicone. They have high resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, mineral products, are corrosion proof and maintenance free,. Cables and hoses with a diameter range


from 3.2mm to 22.2mm are routed and sealed to IP65/66/67/68. Depending on the version, up to 35 cables can be routed. The clamping area has a flexibility of up to 7mm and offers flexible options even during the assembly. The plates are initially available with a metric thread in sizes M32, M40, M50 and M63. A major advantage over conventional cable glands is the significantly greater packing density. Fixing the cable entry plate with a lock nut is also an option.

oremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of

electromechanical components announces the availability of the new icotek KEL-DPZ-HD which has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Working within the Hygienic Design (EHEDG)

guidelines, icotek have taken great care to make the surface very smooth, avoiding any dirt-collecting recesses on the visible side. The outer contour radius of 6mm, rather than the required minimum of 3mm, exceeds the EHEDG specifications. The KEL-DPZ-HD

46 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • JUNE 2021 To complete its Hygienic Design System, icotek

developed detectable KB-HDD cable ties and KBH- HDD cable tie holders. icotek also offers ST-B-HD plugs to provide a detachable version, in order to seal any pierced cable entry membranes which are no longer in use.

Foremost • 01371 811171 •

Available in black, white or grey with vented or solid

panels; the Hex-Box IoT Enclosure can be configured to your requirement.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirement, find out about the latest enclosures or register your interest in future products.

CamdenBoss Ltd • 01638 716101

Redefining the rules of off-the-shelf enclosures


amdenBoss recently launched its Hex-Box IoT Enclosure, with the intention of redefining the rules of

efficiency in PCB manufacture. The hexagonal shape allows for a wide variety of connection capabilities and air flow, important for industrial applications.

Whilst designed for mainly industrial use, the Hex-Box

IoT Enclosure maintains a modern aesthetic making it suitable for any domestic and retail environments. When paired with the unique Circular Wall Mount Bracket, which has an inventive twist release mechanism, the enclosure is transformed into an easy to install wall mount housing.

• 01483 531213 •

esigned with maximum functionality in mind, samos® PRO from Wieland Electric is a compact modular safety

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