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New icotek FDA-compliant cable entry plates available from Foremost Electronics

KEL-DPZ-HD has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Keeping the elements out and protecting components

Standard or deep bases; M20 threaded cable knockouts; snap-on DIN rails and flange brackets

manufacturer BCL Enclosures. Ensuring continued functioning of electronic circuit boards, these IP67-rated enclosures are made totally dust and particulate tight with a vacuum seal and can protect their contents against the effects of full immersion in up to 1 metre of water for as long as 30 minutes. There are multiple applications for the B0 Series, including in industrial and marine environments. The B0 series is made in tough ABS plastic and is


available in four sizes with either standard 53mm deep or extra deep 78mm bases. PCBs can be held internally either horizontally or vertically via mounting slots. The enclosures feature M20 threaded cable knockouts and come complete with four captive plastic screws. Unique snap-on DIN rails and flange brackets are available.

BCL Enclosures • 01423 879787

rotecting PCBs from the elements effectively is the task of the B0 Series of IP67 enclosures from UK

distributor of electromechanical components announces the availability of the new icotek KEL-DPZ-HD which has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Working within the Hygienic Design


(EHEDG) guidelines, icotek have taken great care to make the surface very smooth, avoiding any dirt-collecting recesses on the visible side. The outer contour radius of 6mm, rather than the required minimum of 3mm, exceeds the EHEDG specifications. The KEL-DPZ-HD uses an FDA-compliant material in accordance with food approval 1935/2004 / EG and (EU) 10/2011. The new KEL-DPZ-HD are

manufactured in the signal colour blue providing users with clear visual colour recognition and are free of halogen and silicone. They have high resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, mineral products, are corrosion proof and maintenance free,. Cables and hoses with a diameter range from

3.2mm to 22.2mm are routed and sealed to IP65/66/67/68. Depending on the version, up to 35 cables can be routed. The clamping area has a flexibility of up to 7mm and offers flexible options even during the assembly. The plates are initially available with a metric thread in sizes M32, M40, M50 and M63. A major advantage over conventional cable glands is the significantly greater packing density. Fixing the cable entry plate with a lock nut is also an option.

oremost Electronics, the engineering- led Essex based importer and specialist

To complete its Hygienic Design System, icotek

developed detectable KB-HDD cable ties and KBH- HDD cable tie holders. icotek also offers ST-B-HD plugs to provide a detachable version, in order to seal any pierced cable entry membranes which are no longer in use.

Foremost • 01371 811171 •

Exciting updates to Sirena’s M-Line sounder beacon range bring greater versatility and functionality

introduced to the range that expand its potential uses and even further hones the units to the specific tasks and applications in which they are asked to perform. Sirena’s M-Line 2.0 represents the evolution of Sirena’s Modular range. The M-Line


range offers an exclusive modular system that allows each of the eight dome types to be mounted on each of the six base types. This adds to the M-Lines tailormade flexibility meeting customers’ requirements and keeping the number of components needed low, reducing stock holding, allowing fast solution responses to ever changing market needs. This update includes higher performing electronic components that have enabled

an increase in the electromagnetic compatibility, reaching the maximum standard as a level of immunity for both industrial and civil applications. Further evolutions have improved the products functionality, which includes the

ability to change the brightness of the beacons, sound affect and sound volume for each of the 2 input channels. The user can change the Luminosity from 100% to 66% or 33%. Increase, decrease, or completely mute the sound output. Change the Luminous effect, from Steady Light, to Rotating, Single Flash, Double Flash, Strobe and Random light effects (dependent on device). There are 64 selectable tones, 32 Tones for each of the 2 channels. All of these options can be tailored to the user’s exact requirements by adjusting internal tactile switches and DIP switches and are independently controllable via separate electronic contacts. Additional improvements to the M-Line range also include improved operational

temperature range from -40oC to +55oC and an increased IP rating of IP69K and an improved impact rating of IK08 (Dependant on type and with additional accessory) make them excellent for outdoor use in hostile environments. The Eight dome types include Flashing, Rotating and Steady beacons with additional functions such as Strobe, Double Flash and Random to compliment the more traditional light out puts. The high output Sounder and Combined Sounder and Beacon domes have 64 Tones to choose from and a sound output of up to 115dB with built in volume adjustment should a lower volume be required. Mounting bases for the range include, Shallow Base, Deep base with M20 knockouts

and Compression glands to maintain the high IP Rating. Also available to suit the range are Pole mount, Double base, Wall mount and a Flush mounting base, the ideal choice when for aesthetic reasons a more discreet solution is required. The double base is the ideal choice when there is a need to install two M-LINE domes on the same base, for example a rotating beacon and an electronic siren These are available in Grey, White, Red, and Black. All versions and options are available in 12/24Vac/dc and 90/240Vac.

46 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • APRIL 2021 The multifunction LED beacons are available in five colours: red, amber, green, blue

and white. An exciting multi-colour LED flat beacon offers Eight separate colours in one unit red, amber, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta and white, whilst also still offering Steady, Single Flash and Double Flash outputs. The industry standard for ‘all- clear’ or ‘normal’ is Green, amber is for signalling a change of operational mode, whilst red is for signalling a stop of operational mode or to alert of a danger. The Multi colour LED beacon can display all 3 modes in 1 compact housing. Each component of the M-Line range has been engineered with an easy snap-on

technology that allows easy and safe installation procedures in the most challenging of environments. The LED technology allows a better resistance to vibrations, a longer life of the

product as well as a low power consumption, providing zero maintenance and drastically reducing operating costs. The very high optical performance of the lighting devices, linked to the high output of the acoustic components, place M LINE at the top of the range, making it suitable for the most complex application solutions. The innovative design of the product means that they can play a key role in commercial and civil applications, as well as in traditional industrial applications. The Sirena M-Line is available Ex-stock at Switchtec.

Switchtec • 01785 818600 •

istributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders truly represents the state of the art in signalling. Important updates have been

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