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Maintenance-free DC UPS with Supercaps

protects against system downtime and data loss


icker Elektronik, Donauwoerth/Ger

many, has presented the new uninterruptible DC power supply UPSI-2406DP2. Equipped with fast- charging Supercaps as energy storage devices, the DC UPS module reliably bridges power

failures, voltage drops and flicker in the 24V power supply for DC loads up to 100 W. This allows the fail-safe power supply of embedded IPCs, drives and actuators, sensors, cameras as well as measurement, control and regulation technology can be ensured in safety-relevant systems. The risk of costly system downtimes or data loss can be significantly minimized by using the intelligent DC UPS solution UPSI-2406DP2.

DC emergency power supply for 24VDC applications The compact UPSI-2406DP2 for DIN-Rail mounting is ideally suited for long-term 24/7 continuous operation in switch cabinet applications and decentralized, self- sufficient solutions. Areas of application include Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, image processing, medical and laboratory technology, transportation, process and safety technology, inspection, traffic monitoring, energy, communication, POI / POS, vending and payment systems.

Bicker Elektronik •

GORE® PYRAD® Protective Garments: Say Goodbye To Heat Stress This Summer


s Spring turns to Summer, electrical engineering workers may need to re-think their PPE, especially as the possibility of sudden exposure to an electric arc can never be

entirely dismissed. Does current PPE remain comfortable for end users as temperatures rise? Research shows that accidents are more likely to occur when the supplied PPE is discarded

or used intermittently, so climate comfort is crucial and equates to safety in this situation. There is a one-layer and breathable solution to mitigate overheating and heat stress

when working indoors within heated environments such as control or switch rooms or outdoors in spring or summer temperatures. Arc Rated GORE® PYRAD® protective coveralls, trousers and jackets offer Class 2 electric arc protection but they are made from single layer fabric. This makes the garments 50% lighter than other garments with Class 2 protection but also comfortable for the wearer all day and every day in dry and temperate conditions.

GORE • Enhanced Visibility and Safety

With Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis A Superior Range of Hi Vis Protective Wear – for all kinds of light conditions.

With updated styles and designs added to the extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts S

and Fleeces for men and women, there’s a host of garments in the range to satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels. These ‘outstanding' products combine Snickers' unrivalled hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes. With advanced designs and high-tech fabrics that are windproof and water-repellent, all the garments have

durable, colour-fast protection that will last for wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments. Added to which, Snickers Workwear Hi Vis garments can be custom-profiled to ensure 'stand out' coverage for your corporate brand.

Snickers Workwear C.K launches its new

Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set A

lways looking to introduce innovative products to make life

easier for professional tradespeople, leading brand C.K Tools is set to launch its new Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set (T4360), a handy solution that quickly and efficiently removes broken/damaged nuts, bolts and fasteners. The new Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set joins the already popular Damaged Screw Remover Set, to enhance the expanding C.K Rescue range of products. Designed to alleviate what can be an arduous, time consuming process, the new Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set is set to be a winner for those whose work relies upon quality tools to get the job done.

Great Features & Benefits

The C.K Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set provides a hassle-free solution, featuring high quality patented extractor inserts for Ring Spanners and Sockets, that securely grip all round, and effortlessly remove fasteners with up to 85% damaged or worn corners. Ideal for a wide range of applications, other key features and benefits include: • Adapters for fixings sized 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17mm. • Works on a range of fasteners e.g. 6 point, 12 point, Hex and Spline. • Adapts just two socket/ring spanner sizes to fit 10 different fasteners (sizes 8-17mm). • 8-12mm inserts suit 14mm wrench/ 12-17mm inserts suit 19mm wrench. • Unique Flange designed to prevent fall through.

A real time and effort saver for busy tradespeople, the new C.K Rescue Nut & Bolt Extractor Set (T4360)

is packed in a convenient compact carry case, with clearly marked slots to easily identify the most suitable size to work with.

C.K. Tools • 01758 704704 • 01484 854788 •

nickers Workwear takes personal wellbeing at work very seriously. That's why this range of Hi-Vis protective wear is streets ahead of anything else.

Montes Del Plata says yes to Ellis’ Emperor cleats


able cleats and straps designed, developed and manufactured in North Yorkshire are currently being

installed in the industrial headquarters of one of the world’s largest eucalyptus cellulose pulp producers – Uruguay-based Montes del Plata (MdP). MdP is a joint venture between two of the most renowned

forestry companies in the world: Chilean headquartered, Arauco and Helsinki headquartered, Stora Enso. Ells Patents’ Emperor cable cleats and FlexiStrap cable

straps were specified for the job by local electrical design consultancy, Eprisma; and were selected due to their proven capability to safely secure large power cable bundles; in particular on vertical runs. They are being installed in MdP’s main industrial plant

in Colonia – a region in the south west of Uruguay. Kelly Brown, Ellis Patents’ head of sales, said: “The reputation for the safety and quality of our cable cleats has been built over many years, and today Ellis Patents cleats are very much seen as the standard by which all others are judged.”

Ellis Patents • 01944 758395 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • APRIL 2021 45

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