cutting cables, then this is the answer. In collaboration with experts from the utilities sector, two new cutters have been launched which work by remote control - keeping you distanced from any potential dangers.

In contrast to overground power distribution systems, it is not always possible to trace underground systems, making it difficult to guarantee a voltage-free condition. In this case, it is better to create distance to the cutting location, keeping the operator clear from arc-flash and flying spark hazards. Cable that is still under tension can be extremely dangerous. The two pistol-grip style tools handle cable

diameters of 65mm (ESG65RMCCFM) and 105mm (ESG105RMCCFM) and can slice through tough steel armoring seen on many underground cables. The operation is controlled from a Bluetooth handset from up to 70 meters away. Integrated LED’s on the handset indicate not only the operation of the tool, but confirmation that the blade has cut completely through the cable. This is achieved by a patented blade position sensor where the tool continuously checks the position of the blades. If

Remote-controlled cable cutter S

afety is again at the heart of this new cutting tool development from Klauke. If there is a way to lower the risk when

First remote-controlled cable cutter with blade position sensor from Klauke ensures cable is completely cut through

they overlap completely, the cut is confirmed visually and acoustically from the handset. These two new tools further enhance the ‘Safety’

message and complement the well-known advantages of all Klauke Next Generation Tools. KLAUKE |

High speed cable installation U

nitrunk Ltd., headquartered in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with a second manufacturing facility in Warrington, England, and a network of depots throughout Great Britain and Republic of Ireland, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative cable management solutions. For nearly 60 years Unitrunk has been known for market-leading engineering and product design, the newly released QuickFix range is certainly testament to that pioneering, innovative culture. QuickFix completes an already extensive offering of cable management solutions which focus primarily on saving time and therefore cost during installation, while still maintaining Unitrunk’s renowned level of quality and strength. The QuickFix range can be installed up to an impressive 6 times faster than its traditional alternative. Manufactured from hot dipped galvanised sheet steel, the trunking range offers maximum strength and has been designed in accordance with BS EN 50085. The QuickFix range is IP4X compliant as standard, negating the need to order any additional components. The distinctive, high-torque UniBolt fixing features a domed safety end which prevents any snagging of cables, along with a universal head and bespoke thread for fast, easy installation. Its simple, yet effective design enables installation

times to be reduced by as much as 80 per cent. The new range includes an innovative trunking to channel bracket, which enables trunking to be easily fitted to channel without drilling into the base (of the trunking), significantly reducing installation times even further. The QuickFix range includes Multi-

Compartment and Lighting Trunking systems to offer the complete suite of fast fitting cable management products. David Morrow, managing director at Unitrunk comments: “Unitrunk has built a strong reputation globally by placing a combined emphasis on providing outstanding customer service and continuous innovation, throughout our almost 60 years in the cable management industry. We listen to our customers and innovate both our products,

and our production processes, to better service their needs and those of the industry. QuickFix is the most recent result of our commitment to continuous improvement and marks a new era in cable management, but with more new products in the pipeline for 2021, our Innovation and Design team is still going strong. Our new range of trunking enables install speeds up to 6 times faster and provides a cable management solution which is IP4X compliant as standard. Both these benefits will result in less time onsite and a subsequent reduction in project labour costs, something our customers always appreciate, but perhaps even more relevant in today’s more challenging climate.” QuickFix is the most recent product launch by Unitrunk. Recently the company released an extension to the hugely popular Speedway Cable Ladder range, including a pre-galvanised steel finish option. Pre-galvanised steel offers electrical contractors and engineers a cost-effective solution and greater flexibility when choosing the most suitable material based on the specific requirements of their project. The QuickFix system includes a complete range of complementary fittings, couplers and accessories and is available to order now via your nearest Unitrunk representative.


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