Company insight

he popularity of timber as a building material has only increased in the past decade as it has become stronger and more adaptable, and the construction industry has strived to cut down carbon emissions generated via methods such as concrete production. The World Green Building Council estimates that concrete and other materials account for around 39% of global CO2

emissions, a figure that

needs to be reduced to mitigate the effects of a global climate emergency.

A storey of timber construction T

ZÜBLIN Timber specialises in developing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality timber structures, as demonstrated by its versatile portfolio.

ZÜBLIN Timber continues to showcase timber structures as a sustainable alternative to concrete, creating and constructing ambitious, eye-catching buildings.

In the case of Gare Maritime in Brussels, for instance, this consists of seven interconnected historic railway station halls converted into a large office, shopping, gastronomy and event complex. By erecting wooden multi-storeyed buildings in the halls created from GluLam post-beam superstructures with LENO CLT

floors and GluLam/CLT rib panels, ZÜBLIN played a major role in creating a much loved municipal building for the local community.

Bold strides ahead

ZÜBLIN is not just limited to working in urban locales, as evidenced by a two-year construction project in Black Forest National Park, Germany, where it helped craft a visitor centre inspired by the image of an unspoilt forest habitat. It incorporates one and two- storey building blocks, up to 65

metres in length, that lie stacked on top of each other like fallen trees. Showing no signs of resting on its laurels, the company presses on. SKAIO in Heilbronn, a ten-storey structure designed by Berlin-based architectural firm Kaden+Lager, became the first timber high-rise building in Germany when it was completed in 2019. Built using ZÜBLIN’s trademark hybrid timber construction method, the award- winning urban development site is another example of the company’s forward-thinking philosophy which seeks to build bigger and better.

Timber Construction Competence

ZÜBLIN Timber stands for ambitious and pioneered solutions in the field of timber construction. We are your single-source provider for the development, production, delivery and execution of high-quality timber construction systems, from simple to complex engineered timber structures and turnkey project execution. Together with our clients we develop efficient solutions and a sustainable quality of life. ZÜBLIN Timber GmbH, Industriestr. 2, 86551 Aichach/Germany

220x106mm_ZUEBLIN_Timber_20210520.indd 1 LEAF REVIEW /

26.05.21 13:31 29

SKAIO Heilbronn, © Häfele Nagold

Gare Maritime, Brussels, © Maxime Vermeulen

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