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Viparis brings light and intrigue with LED freeform elements

When heading to an event, what is the first thing you notice as you arrive? The people, the traffic, the building? Viparis Parc Expo Porte de Versailles employs an architectural feat that is sure to be noticed instantly, and offers visitors a ‘wow’ factor that sets the stage for any event held at their venue – a mobile awning covered in dangling freeform LED elements made by Daktronics.


ED technology can often be associated with video displays that form the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, or even sports stadiums and digital billboards. But the technology can be used for much more. As Viparis discovered, the freeform LED elements can be used to cover unique shapes and sizes – even architectural masterpieces – with light. This includes the ability to cover windows or buildings, artistic and architectural elements, channel lettering and more.

The LED technology has evolved into long, narrow stick elements and small, round puck elements with LEDs strategically placed on them to help create ambiance and intrigue for nearly any structure in any application. The technology is so versatile that it can form an entire video-capable display or add ambient light as a form of art to deliver a certain feeling, awe and intrigue in any given space.

Which brings us to the awning at

Viparis. It is triangular in shape and suspended 26 metres above the


ground, covered in freeform LED stick elements to light up 709m2

awning, can work together to share important pavilion information such as upcoming event dates, times, themes and special messages surrounding exhibitions. It can also show anamorphic animations and luminous graphic compositions that set the atmosphere for the venue and specific events taking place. “The mobile awning of Porte

contributing another icon along the Paris skyline. Through a group partnership with architect Jean Nouvel, mechanical installer Pekason, general contractor Leon Grosse and LED designer and LED display manufacturer Daktronics, the project was commissioned in 2020 and received the ICONA D’OR Award for digital achievement. What makes the awning a new Parisian icon is its ability to pivot on its base, allowing the point of the awning to rise into the sky as a signal that exhibitions are happening at the Viparis pavilions. The configuration of the LED elements – individual strands of light hanging from the awning to form a three-dimensional screen – encourages visitors to walk beneath the display and experience it in a unique way.

But the awning is more than an amazing architectural achievement. It’s a functional communication medium as well. The freeform elements, all dangling in various lengths from the triangle-shaped

Versailles reinvents traditional urban posters and creates a dynamic and joyful link between Pavilion 6 and the park, between the park and the city,” commented Jean Nouvel, architect on the project. This installation and unique, awe-inspiring use of freeform LED technology allows architects to unleash their imaginations beyond the standard LED box. Incorporating LED technology doesn’t need to be associated with a flat video display. Curved, angled, three-dimensional spaces and architectural elements can be literally covered with light. Recreate iconic logos or branding elements, build three dimensional objects or cover an entire building with LEDs. Illuminate the hard work and creativity of any project. Much like the awning at Viparis, architectural achievements can be given extra accents and turned into even bolder iconic landmarks when design innovation and freeform LED technology combine.

The new mobile awning at Viparis. 15

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