Company insight

Filter elements with high-capacity nanofibres for purification

BEA Technologies, an Italian company with a strong international presence, is among the leaders in Europe in the production of filters with nanofibres. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical sector, the company offers customised and innovative solutions in the filtration of ‘critical’ products.


EA Technologies is able to offer the most suitable products for the solution of a wide range of specific filtration problems. The products can also be customised on the basis of the existing customer needs. Among the proposed filtration solutions, high-performance filtration systems for the pharmaceutical sector have been developed; in particular, the new line of filter elements that incorporate nanofibres with high retention capacity.

The Italian company meets the demands of the pharmaceutical sector. “We offer nanofibre products specific for pharmaceutical applications,” says Roberto Bea, president of BEA Technologies, who considers research and development processes the key to success. “Our purpose is to become a leader of the European market in the supply of filtration products intended for some critical applications; our efforts are dedicated to the consolidation of our position as significant players worldwide.”

BEA Technologies offers filtration systems for the pharmaceutical sector, which incorporate nanofibres.

named MAGNEX, NANOTRAK and NOVATRAK, which meet the needs of companies engaged in the production of new generation drugs and have a high degree of controls during the production process to guarantee the

“Our purpose is to become a leader of the European market in the supply of filtration products intended for this sector.”

New high-performance filtration systems and products The company, which in recent years has focused on the application of nanofibres to the development of new products for the pharmaceutical industry, have announced new high-performance filtration products. BEA Technologies offers three series of filter elements with nanofibres


high level of quality required by biological applications typical of the pharmaceutical sector.

Extending the ‘service life’ of the filter elements is one of the main objectives pursued in the company’s research. The aim is to ensure optimal operation in demanding use situations and for the purification of ‘critical’ or viscous products and solutions.

Specifically those filter elements incorporate a matrix of very fine nanofibres that have a higher grade of porosity, which provides requested throughput to complete the purification of product batches. Critical microfiltration products are produced in a clean room and in compliance with the GMP guidelines to ensure a high level of quality and cleanliness for biological applications. “In 1981, we were one of the first companies in Italy to install a clean room for the production of filter elements,” says Bea. “Of course, the clean room has been constantly adapted to the changing needs: the last major innovation was in 2011, when we completed the expansion and modernisation of the spaces. We believe that filtration processes are increasingly essential to ensure the high quality of products and process yields.” ● World Pharmaceutical Frontiers /

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