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that crucial, ‘final mile’ delivery? For many communities, the answer is MNX. With reliable Same Day Ground Courier partnerships (on-demand, routed and dedicated), MNX is delivering directly to vaccine sites; for example, in LA County, which includes such super sites as Dodger Stadium and Magic Mountain.

Keep the blood supply flowing during Covid-19

MNX Global Logistics continues to serve the breadth of healthcare and life sciences logistics needs.

result: the faster turnaround that the State of New York required.

3. The State of Florida also wanted to drive rapid turnaround times for test results. To manage patient test registration and results, the state awarded a substantial contract to the health and medical division of a major corporation. This organisation managed testing site set-up and logistics, relying on MNX for the precision to pick up and deliver tests on time. First, MNX couriers picked up from pop-up test sites set up in hotels, stadiums, convention centres and clinics. Then, MNX consolidated the tests and shipped them NFO to the testing lab.

Overcome paperwork errors to ship on time

MNX is also able to overcome paperwork errors in order to ship on time, for example, the situation in South Australia in 2020. Something didn’t look right: a local government in South Australia was running out of critical Covid-19-testing supplies – a resupply shipment was about to leave New York JFK – and then the unthinkable happened. The shipment didn’t match any of the dangerous goods (DG) paperwork that came with it. Without the correct documentation, MNX couldn’t tender the shipment to the airline. With just 12 hours to make the cut-off time for the flight, MNX worked with the manufacturer to uncover the root cause of the problem: orders were mixed up and the airport courier was handed the wrong items. MNX and the manufacturer collaborated to correct the problem and make the four-hour drive to deliver the right shipment to the airport on time.

The MNX Australian team had already arranged for preclearance. So once the flight landed, the testing supplies were immediately delivered by hotshot drivers across the region.

Build a bridge to new vaccines In the early days of vaccine development, a prominent Australian university had a promising candidate. Because the vaccine used live coronaviruses, it would need to be studied in specialist biosecurity facilities. The challenge was that the chosen facility was in Amsterdam, and Australia’s major air carrier had suspended all international flights. The university and air carrier came to MNX for a solution.

The MNX teams in Australia and Amsterdam quickly collaborated to identify flight options, activate pick-up procedures (including accommodating the need for cold-chain packaging and handling), take care of preconditioning and customs clearance requirements. Throughout the journey, MNX monitored the shipment to ensure its safe arrival. When connecting flights became questionable, MNX identified alternate flights to ensure on-time delivery. MNX even stored the shipment in its own cold-chain facility in Amsterdam to maintain integrity until delivery to the biosecurity facility.

More shots in arms It’s one thing to ship much-needed vaccines from the manufacturer to the destination storage facility. It’s quite another to deliver them to the sites of care where patients actually get vaccinated. Where should one turn for

World Pharmaceutical Frontiers /

The logistics challenges of Covid-19 aren’t limited to delivering vaccines, testing supplies and PPE. Indeed, the pandemic has disrupted the supply of such essentials as blood. For starters, fewer people are donating blood due to social distancing and fewer blood drives. Next, blood banks, diagnostic labs and research institutions face supply chain disruption as they have difficulty shipping donor testing samples and blood components, such as platelets, red blood cells, and apheresis. To get these essentials to the labs and other sites that need them, MNX works creatively and taps into a broad network of partners – all supported by leading technology. Here are just two examples: ■When all mainland flights to Hawaii were cancelled due to Covid-19, the Blood Bank of Hawaii needed an innovative solution to ship testing samples. No facility on the island could perform the required viral marker testing, so a solution was urgent. As the preferred transportation provider for all member Blood Banks of the Blood Centers of America, MNX had the background expertise and resources to immediately overcome the challenge and deliver the testing samples on time.

■Monitoring the shelf life of blood samples is critical and when connecting flights are disrupted that shelf life is at risk. Working against the clock, MNX reroutes shipments to other carriers to ensure viability and on-time delivery.

Deliver beyond Covid-19 Even with the global focus on mitigating the pandemic, MNX continues to serve the breadth of life science and healthcare logistics needs for nuclear medicine, clinical trials, cellular therapy, medical devices, hospitals, health systems and more. When the world turns for a reliable logistics partner, the world turns to MNX. ● 31

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