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The vital headlines and statistics defining the industry.

Drug delivery

9 A matter of time Without lipid nanoparticles, there’s no mRNA vaccine, no 95% efficacy, and the route out of the pandemic is many times longer and narrower. Tim Gunn speaks to Robert Langer, MIT institute professor and Moderna co-founder, Pieter Cullis, head of the Nanomedicines Research Group at the University of British Columbia and co-founder of Acuitas, and Dan Peer, director of the laboratory of precision nanomedicine at Tel Aviv University, to trace the decades-long journey to this point and ask where LNPs might take the world next.

12 Microneedles – a game changer in vaccine delivery LTS

15 New-generation biologics to rethink drug delivery Owen Mumford

Pharmaceutical Services

16 Innovative platform for drug delivery devices Gerresheimer

40 18 Close of play

Given the lack of standardisation on shape, size and material for closed-system transfer devices (CSTDs), many pharmaceutical companies are struggling to ensure their products work with the array of them in use worldwide. The problem is compounded when CSTDs – originally designed to protect users while handling drugs – are used to hold high-value biologics, for which compatibility issues could have major financial consequences. Jim Banks speaks to Amgen process development scientist Twinkle Christian about potential solutions.

Supply chain supplement

Supply chain & logistics

Contents 22 War and IPs

Like never before, the pharmaceutical supply chain is a geopolitical arena, but when every surge of the virus and variation in vaccine yield raises the stakes, familiar political constructs seem ill-suited to stopping the pandemic. Tim Gunn assesses the global effort to achieve herd immunity.

25 A global transport mission Turkish Cargo

27 The implications of cloud-based IoT on

temperature monitoring TSS

30 Conquer the logistics

chaos in a pandemic MNX Global Logistics

32 Root and branch Lyn Eyb asks Kelley Hinds, Toby Peters and Ying Xie how pharma’s footprint can be cut while at the same time increasing the supply of medicines.

35 End-to-end solutions

that link the cold chain Thermo King

36 The logistics of a pandemic EMBALL’ISO

37 Track and trace Rob Handfield, Mark Treshock and Shawn Muma tell Tim Gunn how Covid-19-driven digitisation is changing pharma logistics.

39 Container technology

for safeguarding drugs Titan Containers


Turn to page 21 for our section on how Covid-19 and climate change are reshaping pharmaceutical logistics.

Manufacturing 40 4.0 lights the way

48 4

It might sound like the latest software update for your iPhone, but Industry 4.0 is sending shockwaves through manufacturing industries. Mae Losasso speaks to Ian Cronin, project lead for shaping the future

of advanced manufacturing and production at the World Economic Forum, Kelly O’Brien, assistant lecturer and researcher at Limerick Institute of Technology, and Amanda Turney at the FDA to find out why it’s here to stay.

43 Transform with smart manufacturing Aizon

45 Importance of container closure integrity testing Pfeiffer Vacuum

46 Filter elements with high-capacity nanofibres for purification BEA Technologies

Chemicals & raw materials

48 Pathway to excipients Innovation in drug development has continued at an often dizzying pace during the pandemic, but in the area of excipients, it’s hampered by a burdensome regulatory process. Kim Thomas asks Catherine Sheehan, senior director for excipients at United States Pharmacopeia, and Brian Shoichet, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco, what needs to change.

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