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Conquer the logistics chaos in a pandemic

To fi ght Covid-19, the world relies on the safe and timely delivery of testing supplies and life-saving vaccines, as well as the precision logistics of MNX Global Logistics to help conquer the chaos.

ogistics for the life sciences industry is always a challenge. From unique time and temperature requirements to the irreplaceability of many shipments, it is a challenge best suited for those proven to succeed – no matter what. When the Covid-19 pandemic tested life science logistics like never before, MNX Global Logistics was ready with precisely the right people, partnerships and technology.


Mask up around the world How do millions of face masks make the long journey from Shanghai to Birmingham, UK, arriving safely and on time to help fight the spread of Covid-19? The drastic reduction of commercial flight options between China and the UK had severely disrupted the supply chain. What could the UK supplier do to restore timely delivery and help the UK contain the virus?

The MNX team created a complete door- to-door solution – including sourcing and positioning the charter aircraft; checking the documents of multiple manufacturers to ensure compliance with new Chinese export regulations; managing Chinese export customs; obtaining landing permits in China and the UK; and performing load assessment

to maximise capacity. MNX also worked with local partners in China to arrange for temporary warehousing and aircraft ground handling services.

MNX was even able to save its client’s money by chartering passenger aircraft that had been reconfigured for cargo. These aircraft were available because of drastically reduced passenger travel and the carrier offered the service at a reduced rate.

Expand point-of-care testing From the early days of the pandemic, the need for rapid detection testing has been significant and growing. Being able to detect the virus in as little as 30 minutes improves contact tracing and helps control the spread of Covid-19.

For one molecular diagnostics company in California, choosing the right logistics partner for the safe and reliable delivery of diagnostic rapid-test equipment, reagents and consumables is key – particularly when the challenges are oversized. In one shipment from California to Perth, Australia, the equipment weighed in at more than 2,000kg and required a cargo aircraft. But there was no cargo flight available for this route.

As a workaround, the cargo was flown to Sydney. The MNX Australian team then arranged for a 3,933km cross-continent drive to Perth. Two drivers and 41 hours later, the shipment arrived at two hospitals safe and sound. MNX arranged the delivery timing to coincide with when installation engineers would be available on-site at both hospitals to get the equipment operational, so more patients could be tested for Covid-19 faster.

Returning to reliability: Three stories MNX has helped many organisations return to a state of reliability in order to meet their partners expectations, three examples of which are as follows: 1. The State of Texas Department of Health relies on a California-based laboratory for Covid-19-testing services. But because of the pandemic’s growing strain on the supply chain, the lab’s go-to mix of air carriers and local couriers was becoming less reliable. The issue came to a head when there was an emergency shipment late on a Friday afternoon that required both Next Flight Out (NFO) and expedited ground courier services. That’s when MNX was called in – to define shipping requirements and operating procedures, while selecting the right local courier partner to make the 160-mile drive from the airport to its final destination. Now, the State of Texas once again has a reliable source for testing and the lab has a reliable logistics partner to make sure of it.

MNX Global Logistics ships PPE from Shanghai, China to Birmingham, UK. 30

2. The State of New York was working with a small, specialised lab for Covid- 19 testing. When the state wanted even faster turnaround times for test results, MNX stepped in, picking up hundreds of tests from a variety of sites, such as libraries, recreational centres and high schools. Then, MNX consolidated the tests into shipments handled by its NFO service. The

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