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what3words is a simple and accurate location technology

Street addresses aren’t efficient – frequently they don’t lead you to the right place. Search for one and a pin will typically drop in the centre of a building, rather than the entrance a passenger needs to get picked up from or dropped off at.

Road names are often duplicated

and easy to confuse. Did you know there are 14 different Church Roads in London, 367 Park Streets in California and 632 Juarez Streets in Mexico City?

Providing a street address by voice, either over the phone, radio or into a voice interface, can be frustrating. For example, “Lawn Road” and “Lorne Road” sound exactly the same. In many situations, street addresses may not exist at all, for example, if you’ve broken down on the side of the road or if you live in a new build.

From the feedback we’re been given by operators and drivers, this is a real frustration in the taxi and private hire industry because passengers expect drivers to find them, but unreliable street addresses make that difficult.

what3words is an easy way to communicate a precise location. Every three-metre square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address.

For example: you can find the main entrance to what3words’ Head Office at ///filled.count.soap in London.

what3words addresses cover the entire world, meaning passengers can easily enter destinations for which they don’t have street addresses, such as park entrances, pop-up events and markets.

Often, passengers will already know the what3words address for their pick-up point or destination. They might have discovered the what3words address in a guidebook, website contact page or anywhere they would normally find regular street addresses. They may be sent one by email, text message, or calendar invite.

By accepting a what3words address, taxi and private hire companies give passengers a way to communicate exact locations, improving efficiencies.

What this means is that passengers can quickly and easily tell drivers exactly where to pick them up and drop them off,


without having to give a long explanation based on landmarks or having to drag and drop a pin each time.

For taxi and private hire drivers, gone are the days of circling around the block looking for the right building entrance. When customers use a what3words address, drivers will know exactly where to go. Accurate locations also help to save fuel and reduce emissions, so rides become more sustainable too.

Where what3words has been integrated into dispatching software, a driver will just follow their usual navigation process and arrive at their customer’s what3words address.

Many major dispatch software providers, including Cordic, cab9, Dispatch from Dever Software, Catalina Software and Chauffeur Drive Systems, have integrated what3words directly into call-taking software, web booking tools and passenger apps. CMAC also now accepts a what3words address from their breakdown recovery partners to help taxi drivers navigate directly to passengers on the side of the road.

Even where there is no technical integration in the dispatching software, drivers can still benefit from what3words. Many navigation apps are compatible with what3words.

When a passenger provides a what3words address, drivers can search those three words in the what3words app and then use it in their preferred navigation app with just one tap. Drivers simply type, scan, or enter the what3words address by voice using the search bar. They then select the correct result, tap Navigate, and choose their preferred navigation app, such as Waze, Citymapper or Google Maps.

In addition, what3words has been integrated into a range of in-car navigation systems. Drivers with compatible models can now say or type in a three-word address to get directions to a precise 3m x 3m location, anywhere in the world.

The growing list of automotive companies that have adopted what3words includes the likes of Mercedes Benz, Ford and Mitsubishi.

If you’d like to start making use of what3words, feel free to email: or come and visit our stand at PHTM EXPO.


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