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anyon Hills Junior High School is a Congratulations to the Coyotes of

2020 School to Wat ch

Canyon Hills JHS for being recognized as a 2020 School to Wat ch (STW)by the Nat ional Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform in association with the California League of Schools, California Department of Education, and

California Middle Grades Alliance. Dr. Norm Enfield

Superintendent of Schools DrNormEnf ield

Dear CVUSD Family,

Happy New Year! We are now well in to the second semester of the school year and if history serves as any indication, this second semester will go by in a flash. This issue of CVUSD success will give you a glimpse of many exciting things that have been happening across the school district. Our students continue to excel inside and outside of the classrooms, and our schools are receiving recognition for their efforts in education. We continue to work with our community partners to put on valuable events for parents and students.

It? s hard to imagine that in just a

few months, the CVUSD class of 2020 will be receiving their diplomas. But until then, let?


continue to support and cheer on our students and staff as they do their best to get to the finish line!


Canyon Hills JHS joins Junior and Middle High Schools from 18 states throughout the United States as schools that demonstrate forward thinking and success in four categories: Academic Excellence, Excellence in Developmentally Responsiveness, Excellence in Social Equity, and Excellence in Structures for Success. Canyon Hills JHS engaged in an extensive application process that began at the beginning of the school year and included an on-site visit to campus where educators from across the state visited classrooms, engaged with students during lunch, and participated in a discussion that involved parents, staff, district personnel and the School Board President.

As a STW awardee, Canyon Hills JHS has been invited to send a team of representatives to the state's capitol in March to provide professional development training for educators from across California. A team of representatives will also attend the 2020 Schools to Watch Conference this June in Washington, D.C., to speak on a national stage regarding the innovative work taking place at Canyon Hills JHS. Congratulations Mr. Finkbiner and his amazing staff for ensuring student connectivity with peers, teachers, academics, and the school site!

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