May Madness, continued...

of voting, it looked like Secretariat would pull ahead for the win but in the end, it was Seabis- cuit who crossed the wire first by just 1.6%. Te scrappy little racehorse beat yet another rac- ing giant winning by a whisker!

Officer Barney was

matched with Misty of Chicoteague. Days End was already celebrating Barney making it this far posting, “YOU did it again! Barney is in the FINAL FOUR! Make sure to vote and let’s get our favorite boy into the final round. Go Team Barney!” Up until this round, Misty had won each

match fairly easily. Barney fans came out in force and he won by his biggest margin to date. He earned 74.65% of the votes to advance to the finals.

A couple of tough ones again. Wonder what the final two will be. Oh dear. - MarySue Mood

ney have made appearances at Pimlico! Seabis- cuit in the famed 1938 Match Race and Barney as a working police horse managing crowds and acting as an ambassador for mounted units. At the start of voting, METS di-

rector Brittney Vallot posted, “Of- ficer Barney is in the finals! Vote vote VOTE!” Dan Mick posted

This has been so much fun, and thank you to whoever came up with the idea. - Valerie Ormond

Finals: And the winner is… And then there were two. On one side you

had Seabiscuit, who earned the most popular votes for nearly every round. On the other side you had local hero Officer Barney, whose fan base kept pushing to get him through to the fi- nals. Interesting fact: both Seabiscuit and Bar-

his support for Barney with, “Please let me beg another 15 seconds of your time to click on the link and help give this one-time plow horse the bragging rights he deserves.” Several others jumped on the Barney bandwagon, sharing the voting link and asking their friends to vote for the retired police horse. It may seem

that Seabiscuit had finally met

his match as Barney took an early lead. In just the first day of voting, 628 people had already made their choice with Barney leading by 79.3%. By day three of voting, 843 people had voted

and Barney’s lead grew to 81.8%. Voting for the finals stayed open for four days and Barney never yielded. Te final count was 907 votes for Barney and 170 for Seabiscuit. With 1077 people voting for the final round, Barney won by 84.2%! Yes that is right, Officer Barney is the win-

ner of Te Equiery’s very first May Madness – Horse History Edition! Tank you to all who took the time to play and stay tuned for another tournament in the near future!


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