COVID-19 Economic Report, continued...

“It has been especially difficult having a school aged child at home.” – Lisa Martin of Out of the Box Stables (Montgomery County)

“Adoptions are way down because of isolation and few are inquiring about future adoptions.” – Debbie Ober of Chincoteague Pony Rescue (Caroline County)

“I have such a small census of boarders (one owner with two horses) that the ef- fect [of COVID19] has been minimal.” – Joseph Michael of Whistling Hill (Wash- ington County)

“Lets Get Back To Work” – Barry Lescallett of Stone Eagle Stables (Anne Arundel County)

“It’s been difficult but we will rebound. Te extreme patience of our boarders and generosity of our stu- dents and supporting community have made a great impact to get us through.” – Holly LaBarre of Graham Equestrian Center (Baltimore County)

“While this has been hard on everyone, I often wonder what the horses are thinking with not being able to see their owners and having a normal regular environment like they are used to. We are looking forward to opening our doors back up to our boarders slowly so they can enjoy their horses again.” – Shari DeMino of Chesapeake Dressage Institute (Anne Arundel County)

“Not being able to access my horses during full shut down was incredibly hard but I understand the need.” – Beth Herman of EBH Consulting LLC/EBH Equus Coaching (Baltimore County)

“Te trail riding limitations seem naïve at best.” – Tom Pardoe, MFH of Goshen Hounds (Montgomery County)

“With enough medical explanation we were able to make our boarders understand the need to close, protect our staff to continue taking care of the horses. We provided some free care to the horses and a COVID19 recovery pack- age where we offered a $30 credit/week to boarders who will choose to have their horses exercised by our trainer and staff. It cost me 10% of my normal revenue but I was able to keep the horses in shape and the boarders happy.” – Florence Germain

of AOPF Stables, LLC (Baltimore County)

The New Normal As the state of Maryland officially moves into the early phases of

Governor Hogan’s COVID-19 recovery plan, we at the Maryland Horse Council and Te Equiery want to thank the Maryland horse community for its patience and perseverance. Tese times are tough for all of us but together, we will make it through and become stronger in the process. As boarding and lesson facilities begin to open their doors and state

parks are accessible once again to trail riders, we urge our fellow eques- trians to continue with social distancing, wearing of face masks, washing hands frequently and all other COVID-19 safety recommendations and requirements. #MarylandStrong #AloneTogether

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Equine Webinar Series June 2020

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Interpreting Soil Test Reports: What You Need to Know to Maximize Pasture Performance

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Productive Pastures for Happy Horses, Happy Humans, and a Healthy Environment

REGISTER AT: Dr. Amy Burk, Extension Horse Specialist

Nutrient Management for Horse Farms

REGISTER AT: Erika Crowl, Baltimore County Extension

Taking Out the Guesswork: Forage Selection for Horse Pastures Dr. Amanda Grev, Extension Forage Specialist

REGISTER AT: Weed Worries?

REGISTER AT: Andy Kness, Harford County Extension

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JUNE 2020 | THE EQUIERY | 15

Tips on Controlling Weeds in Horse Pastures

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