COVID-19 Economic Report, continued...

Tirty-nine business owners applied for the Small Business Adminis- tration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) with 25 stating they have been approved. Tirty-three business owners applied for Economic In- jury Disaster Loans (EIDL) with only 10 being approved. Twenty-four business owners applied for

funds through the Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant Fund with six receiving approval. Ten business own- ers applied for the Unemployment Insurance Work Sharing Program with four being approved. Tose not approved for any of the above programs stated they were told

“Small businesses should be labeled differently. As in 50 or less employees or sole proprietor, etc. NOT 500 em- ployees.” – Alison Fisher of Bay View Farm (Prince George’s County)

they did not meet qualifications or had not heard back at the time they filled out the survey. Fewer than 10 business owners in our survey applied for one or more of

the following programs: Maryland COVID-19 Emergency Relief Man- ufacturing Fund, COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund, Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority and Non-Profit Interest- Free Micro-Bridge Loan Program. None of those who applied to these programs received funding. In addition to the programs listed in our survey, some business owners applied to county level pro- grams and/or for private or- ganization grants. Some ex- amples are: MARBIDCO (a statewide quasi-public development corporation established by the State of Maryland), Hello Al- ice, Carroll Small Business, Montgomery County Emergency Relief Fund and the Equestrian Aide Foundation. Most of those who applied for these

“Te banks are amazingly supportive.” – Pat Mansfield of A Bit Better Farm (Montgomery County)

grants and loans received funding. Te majority of those who applied for relief funds found the forms and application process very difficult (52.6%) while 34.2% felt it was easy and 13.2% said the application process was somewhat dif- ficult. About 4.9% hired a professional to fill out various applications for their business.

The COVID-19 Experience

Te last question we asked in our survey was for busi- ness owners to write any additional comments about

their COVID-19 experience. Below is a sampling of the additional in- formation that Maryland business owners wanted to share.

“I could have conducted business safely but shutting down non essen- tial [businesses] prevented me.” – Carolann Sharpe of Black and White Cookie, LLC (Carroll County)

“We race Standardbreds and they could be racing without the fans. I don’t understand why we are not allowed to race when we are wiling to follow the guidelines. Te racetracks and the government are missing out on lots of funds from the online gambling. Without the casinos, this is so important. I think the government forgets that people with animals still have to feed and care for them all the time.” – Dolly Callahan of Breakaway Racing (Talbot County)

“I wish there had been small business loans for actual small businesses that were not given to the bigger companies. Many of us won’t survive this.” – Christie Craven of De Novo Farm (Anne Arundel County)

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