Minimum Performance Standard for Show Jumping T e subcommittee has proposed a rule that

for Training level and above, any show jumping round that incurs fi ve rails or more will result in compulsory retirement. T is is only for events in which the show jumping phase occurs before cross-country. T e USEA press release pointed out that a similar rule is already in eff ect in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and Ger- many. T e subcommittee worked with EquiRat- ings and data shows that there is signifi cant cor- relation with having four rails dropped in show jumping and having a horse fall on cross-country.

Dangerous Riding, the Watch List & Em- powering Offi cials In 2008, the “Dangerous Riding” rule was add- ed to the USEF Rules for Eventing, allowing the President of the Ground Jury to designate one or several deputies to act as spotters on cross- country. T e current rule states that dangerous riding can be penalized by 25 points, elimination or by issuing a warning card. T e rider can also be added to the USEF Watch List. Holling reported that the rule had worked

well for a while but has not be utilized in re- cent years and the subcommittee voted to send a memo to all offi cials reminding them to use this tool as necessary.

Frangible Technology Fundraiser A Frangible Technology Fundraiser was

launched on March 2 of this year in order to provide funding directly to organizers. T e goal is to build nearly 500 frangible tables needed for all USEA-recognized events. With the help of the USEA Foundation and a matching grant fund, over $200,000 has already been raised. T e goal is to raise $500,000.

& Spring/Summer at Loch Moy Farm

JUNE 17 - Pick Your Time/Pick Your Test Dressage & Jack Pot Jumpers JULY 3-5 - MD International CCI-S 1* 2* 3*; USEA MDHT #1 (BN - I) JULY 10-12 - USEA MDHT #2 (BN - I); FEH/YEH/NEH

ONGOING EVERY DAY: Social Distance XC Schooling, Stadium and Dressage By Appointment • Text 301-514-0111

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Check our website for COVID-19 Updates Proud Member of the Maryland Thoroughbred Eventing Series -

Be A Volunteer in 2020! Visit to learn more and sign up! Dates subject to change without notice, please check websites for up-to-date event information and listings. • 301-514-0111 • 1235 Park Mills Road • Adamstown, MD

10 | THE EQUIERY | JUNE 2020

The Prince George’s Equestrian Center has alerted us that they will not be opening in June. So, the Ride for Life will not be able to proceed as usual this year.

We’d love to share photos/videos of your rides, tests, or musical freestyles! You can upload your files to our page for free! Videos can be up to 20 minutes long and 3GB in size. Upload here:

You can make an online donation here:

Please keep an eye on and for details. We are In This Together - Stay Safe and See You Soon

800-244-9580 |

T e Equiery would like to know what you think of these proposed rule changes. Send your thoughts and comments to editor@equi- for future publication.

Firefi ghters Take Horses to Frederick County Nursing Homes

On April 22, Frederick County Fire Medic

Derek Hartman and his girlfriend Bobi Jo Swartz, also a fi refi ghter and EMT, took their horses to the Genesis Healthcare facility to help brighten the day of the elderly residents. T e couple,


are from West Vir- ginia, fi rst started visiting several nurs- ing homes in the Charles Town area before bringing the joy to Frederick. Hartman belongs to the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3666. After visiting the Genesis facility, the group of volun- teers, horse handlers and horses headed to the Frederick Health and Rehabilitation Center and then the Somerford House.

UMD Baltimore Partners with Arab- bers and Holly Poultry

T e University of Maryland, Baltimore’s

Community Engagement Center teamed up with Baltimore City’s Arabber Preservation Society to deliver 2,000 pounds of frozen chicken to the West Baltimore community. T e

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chicken was donated by Holly Poultry and lo- cal business Neopol Savory Smokery off ered their freezer space to store the donation until it was delivered by the Arabbers on April 29. It was estimated that the donation was able to feed 900 families.

Funding for Historic Meadowbrook Approved

Last month, both the National Capital Parks

For more good news stories, please see “Happy Days & Positive Posts” on page 38 of this issue.

Commission and Montgomery County Plan- ning Board voted unanimously to approve the construction of a new $1.5 mil- lion indoor arena at Meadowbrook Sta- bles in Chevy Chase. Meadowbrook has a long history as one of the oldest lesson and boarding stables in the state. Maryland Horse Council sponsor B&D Builders has been contracted to build the new in- door.


should begin this summer.

Caption Correction On page 24 of the May Equiery, Maud Du-

lany Barker is pictured hunting with Green Spring Valley Hounds, not Goshen.

Potomac Valley Dressage Association Promoting eduction in the art & sport of dressage since 1964



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