EDITOR INTERVIEW In conversation with... Maurizio Abbondanza, Sustainability and Business Growth Director, Infineum

Infineum’s long-awaited Sustainability report was published on Earth Day, 22 April 2021 under your stewardship. How significant is this publication for Infineum? Infineum’s first Sustainability report is an important milestone for our Sustainability journey. It is a public statement not only of the progress we have made, but also of the direction we want to follow. We have worked hard to embed Sustainability in all our activities: we have created a central team, set up 2025 goals and targets, implemented initiatives to enable us to deliver against those targets, and most importantly, we have engaged the hearts and minds of our colleagues on this.

Is sustainability the key business driver affecting the lubricants sector today? Sustainability is the key driver affecting any industry, but especially businesses that are CO2


resource management intensive, waste intensive or associated with food and water. The transportation industry is responsible for about 25% of the global CO2

How achievable is greater alignment and harmonisation within the industry? This is not a simple problem to address. Many organisations and industry associations work to define standards and common practices. Local and global regulations respond to many different drivers, sometimes Sustainability based, sometimes politically based. I see very genuine efforts to go beyond the individual interests.

Does innovation mean greater potential for consolidation and collaboration within our sector?

Collaboration yes, consolidation not necessarily. The challenge ahead of us requires the whole supply chain to integrate and collaborate to solve problems, even with competitors (within the correct boundaries of course) to come up with better solutions. This may drive some consolidation, or it might drive new players, new spin offs, new business models.

emissions, 30% of the energy produced is wasted

through friction, so the lubricant industry is at the heart of Sustainability because it can deliver a solution to many challenges that our world is facing.

Are we moving fast enough to meet the regulatory challenges and targets set by legislative bodies and governments? In 2021, Earth Overshoot Day, when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year, was July 29. In 1970 it was December; in 1980, October; in 2000, September. Since 2010 it remains in July. There is much more to do to invert this trend. I believe however that we have embraced the challenge and that society, governments and businesses are working very hard to find “the way” to make it happen.


How integral is innovation in technology - can it really help us achieve a carbon neutral future? Innovation is the only answer to this problem. Unless we find new solutions and we try new avenues, we will not be able to change our carbon footprint. If we go back to the early industrial revolution, it’s a struggle to understand how it was possible to live in a world without mainstream electricity, with city centres choked by coal fumes, with labour death being a normal daily occurrence. We moved from there with innovation. It is absolutely THE way forward.

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