Product news Nourish Care responds to coronavirus

Digital care planning outfit Nourish Care has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by developing functionality within its product to track and analyse coronavirus cases within care services. The Covid-19 Tracker is a simple and easy

to use platform that Nourish has made available to any care team who wishes to use it. The tracker, which is accessible from any

web browser, allows users to track the status of infection across people in a care service, and among staff. By recording data such as suspected cases, numbers of individuals who have been tested/awaiting testing, those who are high risk and those who have recovered, care services are able to get a clearer picture of how Covid-

19 is affecting their service and those they support. The Covid-19 Tracker is free to use and

there is no need to be a pre-existing Nourish customer. To start tracking Covid-19 in your care service register at

Rinnai drums up mobile hand wash station

Hot water system outfit Rinnai has launched a mobile hand wash station in just 25 days from concept to prototype, and to be ready for market and in use on site. The Rinnai station is a complete mobile unit geared to supply limitless amounts of

continuous flow hot water for any and every site needing instant access to such a facility. The station consists of a Rinnai 17e hot

water delivery unit, mounted on a robust stainless-steel mobile hand wash pod, complete with water connections and secured cage. The unit is easily connected to the water supply and gas via LPG.

In addition, it is designed to be

sited outdoors, supporting social distancing by preventing the need to use poorly-ventilated interior washrooms, while the knee- operated controls further minimise individual contact with any surfaces possibly contaminated with Covid-19. Installers can contact the

company direct in gaining access to the supply of units. Call 01928 531 870 or email or

DDC Dolphin lets purifier loose on Covid-19

Infection control specialist DDC Dolphin has launched a new mobile air purifier to help tackle the coronavirus crisis. The industrial-strength UVMATIC Plus purifier uses ultraviolet light and ozone to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and mould. DDC Dolphin claimed the device is more

effective and cheaper than using chemicals by using two powerful UV lights that penetrate the walls of micro-organisms and shatter their DNA, thus making it impossible for them to reproduce. Operators simply place UVMATIC Plus in a room and switch on the timer. The unit draws


in polluted air then treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation. For more information contact Zoe Allen on

01202 731555 or, or visit

NuVu Life drinks to shake up nutrition for older people

A new range of protein shakes has been launched by NuVu Life to help tackle malnutrition of older people, including those living in care homes. NuVu Life is a high protein, high-energy

powdered drink mix, enriched with a carefully-selected blend of vitamins and minerals.

The shakes are designed to provide

extra nourishment to support healthy weight gain and normal functioning of the immune system in those who do not require a prescription. When blended with 200ml whole milk, a 50g sachet of strawberry NuVu Life provides 23.8g of protein, around one- third of a healthy older woman’s daily requirements. NuVu Life, which is available in

strawberry, chocolate, banana and butterscotch flavours, can be purchased at The company is offering a 30% discount on orders using the voucher code CN30. For sales enquiries, or to request a sample

of NuVu Life, email or call 07740 844 405.

Tektura has it covered

London company Tektura Wallcoverings has launched P3TEC - a flexible, heavy-duty decorative covering for walls. Developed over 18 months, P3TEC is a

decorative product but one that can be cleaned with undiluted bleach, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and disinfectants such as Dettol - harsh solvents do not affect the pattern or texture in any way. In addition to cleanability, P3TEC offers

high resistance to impact and abrasion, such as knocks and scrapes from trolleys, wheelchairs, beds and carts. Supplied in rolls, there nine designs

available - including weaves and silks, abstract prints through to woodgrain textures – in 148 colours from neutrals through to brights. All designs are available in rolls 13.5m long

by 121cm wide. For external corners, guards are also available in 65 coordinating colours. • July 2020

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