Care quality

resident families can become your home’s leading advocates, helping disseminate to their Facebook friends about your home’s quality care provision. All care homes live and breathe off their ‘word of mouth’ reputation, and Facebook is the digital age’s word of mouth.

Staff know individuals very well and involve them in decisions on how their care is provided and how they spend their time. Mealtimes are another important part of life and they are designed to be flexible and enjoyable. We do not believe in implementing a strict menu where there is no choice, which is why our excellent cooks get to know our residents and do their utmost to accommodate their personal preferences through the preparation of delicious meals using fresh ingredients. We not only understand how important it is for our physical and mental health to maintain a nutritious diet, but we also realise the social opportunities that meal times can bring to our new and existing residents, which is why we encourage visiting friends and family to stay for lunch or afternoon tea at any time.

What is central to our philosophy is

that Rosebank is first and foremost our residents’ home. Our values are centred around residents having a sense of purpose and of belonging, to live well, and to find enjoyment. That is supported by ensuring residents have choice, every

day, on how they want to spend their time and with whom.

Events and activities happening throughout the day suit not only people’s needs, but their preferred lifestyles and wishes expressed to the care team and lifestyle support coordinators either throughout the day or more formally at regular resident meetings, where residents are given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and needs. Our two lifestyle support co- ordinators are central to daily life at the home and they work closely with residents and colleagues to develop a varied programme of activities and events throughout the year.

One popular fixture on the calendar is the ‘Rosebud Choir’ which meets every Wednesday morning, bringing together a wide range of people from the home and the community, for a morning of fun, laughter and singing. Other regular activities include movie afternoons, sensory workshops and professional entertainment.

Staff are trained and encouraged to promote the focus of care being on personalisation and independence with residents having an active voice on how the service runs. This is evidenced in meetings held and quality assurance documents completed by residents and visitors.

There has been a real focus on achieving outstanding and staff

Our values are centred around residents having a sense of purpose and of belonging, to live well, and to find enjoyment

July 2020 •

motivation has increased with each success. We know it is achievable and so the drive to attain it and maintain it has risen. This has a direct impact on the quality of support delivered.

Maintaining an exceptional quality of service

Achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating is an impressive achievement for any care service. For those providers who continue to evolve their service and achieve this accolade more than once, it is particularly encouraging. We knew the inspector would be looking for continued improvement in our services and better outcomes for the people we support. We wanted to show that we had maintained our services but also that we had innovated them to improve people’s lives. We ensure improvement is a priority, with monthly meetings where we share ideas, deliver feedback and discuss any lessons learnt. At Rosebank we have a continuous improvement plan in place, which is a live document outlining what the service or individual wants to achieve, how they will do it, and whether this has been completed. This is updated regularly and provides an in-depth log of the steps and changes that have been made to support people towards their goals. The driver for us is our focus on ensuring that the people who live in our care homes have the opportunity for a day well lived. We try to capture positive changes in people’s lives, both big and small and ensure we bring these examples to team meetings to keep a record of good news stories and to demonstrate the impact this has had for the people we support.


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