Care quality

To create a home where everyone feels valued, we place a high emphasis on recruiting the most highly skilled, kind- hearted care staff possible. We want our residents to feel relaxed when in the company of staff and so a caring, thoughtful temperament combined with the right values is crucial when we recruit. All of our staff members are hand- selected by senior management, and are appointed for their sense of compassion, commitment and desire to work as part of our professional care team. In support of their dedication, they are provided with robust training, from an extensive in-house programme to nationally recognised qualifications, all of which ensure that they are equipped to meet the changing needs of our residents.

Going the extra mile

Outstanding services are innovative and exceptional. These are services that go the extra mile and deliver care over and above what is expected.

To achieve an outstanding rating, the CQC looks for evidence that exceeds expected standards and requirements. At Rosebank we explore and implement ideas that are outside of the box such as using technology to enhance people’s wellbeing, along with audio books and visual aids being available to people. We acquired the ‘Magic Table’, which allowed a touch-sensitive table to be personalised for people. For example, personalised song lists can be included, or the person’s favourite photographs. When the person brushes away leaves displayed on the table top their photographs are revealed. This technology engages people living with dementia and uses personal images to invoke memories.

Another example of going above and beyond for residents at Rosebank is

The driver for us is our focus on ensuring that the people who live in our care homes have the opportunity for a day well lived

when a lady first arrived at the home, she suffered with anxiety. After getting to know her we quickly discovered that she had spent much of her working life on a farm, so in order to keep this connection and maintain her rural roots we made contact with a local farmer who accommodated her on several visits which saw her take on various tasks under supervision. It only took a handful of visits before we started to see her wellbeing improve.

It is important to work in collaboration with others so that people using the service have a better overall experience. Rosebank residents are supported to live healthier lives through regular access to healthcare professionals such as their GP, occupational therapist or an optician. We frequently open our doors to the community.

In recent years, we have forged links with schools and businesses in our respective villages to offer

intergenerational sessions with nursery children, weekly coffee mornings, choir practice and ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’, where residents are treated to pampering sessions.

We are passionate about ensuring that the highest standards of care are in place and we work hard to sustain those standards. We have achieved ‘Platinum’ recognition for The Gold Standard Framework, a national award, for our expertise in ‘End of Life Care’, which highlights our commitment to improving quality of care for residents in the last years of life, to develop collaboration

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts, with her husband Gerry, own and manage Rosebank and Churchfields care homes in Oxfordshire. Since acquiring Rosebank in 2008, and Churchfields in 2016, their ethos has been to provide outstanding long and short- term care for residents. Gerry is a GP and Jane has worked in the care sector since she was 18 years old. Jane trained as a nurse at The Middlesex Hospital in London and for the last 15 years has been involved in developing care homes.

24 • July 2020

across boundaries and to reduce avoidable hospital admissions. Effective reporting, recording and auditing will help evidence your achievements and commitment to continuous improvement. Ensure that you document all your good practices, no matter how small. You would be surprised how much you forget as the year progresses, so do not leave that until when you think the inspection will be due. Take photos whenever you can of the good things that happen. Show and tell the CQC inspectors how proud you are of your home and what you achieve with the people who use the service.

Set clear and realistic action plans and review constantly so that you can monitor progress. Above all else, instil passion and commitment for quality care amongst your team and encourage them to be the best that they can be.


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