P RODUCT S Robot offers efficient decontamination

Using low concentration hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) delivered by vapour dispersal technology, the ProXcide from INIVOS can achieve >log 6 reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms, including highly resistant pathogens such as C.difficile, making it perfect for healthcare settings that need to ensure high levels of efficacy. Using ProXcin 7.5% HPV, the ProXcide provides a fully automated decontamination

cycle, ensuring the same level of efficacy is achieved during every decontamination process. Once in the room, it operates entirely automatically to reduce potential human error. The ProXcide decontamination robot is able to survey the environment and assess different variables to calculate how long it will need to decontaminate the space for. The device also offers a high level of safety for users including a detailed checklist that cannot be bypassed by the users. ProXcide contains an integrated deactivation unit that quickly and efficiently deactivates hydrogen peroxide in the treatment room, providing reassurance and control over the process. The system is designed to work with a specially formulated low concentration hydrogen peroxide, ProXcin, which is developed to achieve high levels of efficacy without the risks associated with high concentration chemicals. The Wifi enabled touch screen device provided allows full visibility of the decontamination process during each stage, followed by a validation report to confirm that an effective decontamination cycle has been completed. With an average cycle time of just under two hours, the ProXcide is very efficient – making it ideal for decontamination in a variety of clinical settings.

Reducing risk of infection using plasma

Appropriate endoscope reprocessing is an essential part of patient safety and quality assurance in endoscopy. Insufficient drying can be a source of microbial contamination and the transmission of infectious material. The PlasmaTyphoon, from PENTAX, is designed to reduce the risk of infection by optimising the drying of scopes using plasma. The drying process is managed by a patented curve of pressure and temperature. The unit uses laminar flow to eliminate the water from the endoscope channels followed by a turbulent heated flow to dry the walls.

The solution is designed to dry an endoscope in one to five minutes (the drying time depends on the endoscope type) and storage up to 31 days in a fully controlled environment. A perfectly dried scope after reprocessing avoids exponential growth of pathogens that can lead to endoscopy related infections. After the completion of the drying process, a single-use PlasmaBag is utilised. Plasma, containing ozone molecules, is insufflated into the bag ensuring the dry and disinfected state of the endoscope

UK orders injection devices from BD

for COVID vaccine BECTON DICKINSON (BD) has received an order from the UK Government for 65 million needles and syringes to support the country’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The order is expected to be completed by mid-September. While many vaccines are delivered in prefilled syringes, the COVID-19 vaccine is likely to come in single or multidose vials, creating the need for separate needles and syringes in order to administer the vaccine to patients. The devices ordered by the UK – the BD Flu+ Syringes – have been developed with minimal waste space to maximise the number of people that can be vaccinated. Vaccines can only be administered with appropriate medical devices or prefilled delivery systems, so dose-sparing devices like BD Flu+ can play a crucial role in expanding available vaccine doses during a pandemic. Additionally, the savings associated with lower vaccine waste are greater than the total cost of dose-sparing injection devices. BD also recently received orders by the US and Canada for injection devices to support their vaccination campaigns, and is supporting the UK’s Flu and Winter Preparedness Programme.

Efficacy against Coronavirus tested for sanitising range

is maintained due to the biocidal effect of the ozone. It allows safe endoscope transportation while reducing the need for repeated reprocessing. This stores the endoscope in a closed environment – dry, free of dust and pathogens – in a disinfected state for 31 days. This solution allows for time and space to be saved, improved mobility of the scope while they are stored in the bag, as well as an improved level of hygiene. The PlasmaTyphoon also allows for easy

transportation between hospital rooms. In addition, the ozone has the ability to reduce the potential remaining bacteria inside the working channel by 99.9%.


GOJO INDUSTRIES-EUROPE has announced that the Purell Advanced Hand Sanitising Gel and Purell Surface Sanitising Spray and Wipes have been tested and proven to be effective against Coronavirus. In June 2020, all three products were tested against Coronavirus BcoV (bovine coronavirus, a substitute for human coronavirus) and passed European Norm EN 11476+ A2 in a contact time of 30 seconds. Purell Surface Sanitising Spray and

Wipes are no-rinse products that are fast acting, highly effective and specifically designed to meet surface sanitising needs, while Purell Hygienic Hand Rub is an effective hand sanitiser, clinically proven to maintain skin health. Even though Purell products had already passed the EN norm for enveloped viruses (which assumes efficacy), GOJO decided to test it against Coronavirus specifically.


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